A Junior Megatentacled Bog Nightmare

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Location: Magencia
Levels: 61-121 (for the mark, according to the in game mark list) Archon lvl 103 and up
Boss Kill: A junior megatentacled bog nightmare
Availability: 30 Minute repop
Marks: Decisiveness

Mini/mark requires a psionic with the spell "knock", someone with the lockpicking skill (rogue/bard), and for everyone to have a form of pass door. Mark Restriction: Cannot be evilly aligned. Please note the rooms on this run are all CPK and no-herb.

Obtain the key 'a rusted mug' from a deckhand or Merriq the navigator so that you can unlock the first down door on the east side of the bottom floor. Go down and have the psionic "cast knock" down to open this door. This room is silent, psionic knock is the only method available. Next, have everyone in the form cast or equip "pass door." Move all west through the next door. At the next door, have the thief "lockpick" to open it. At the next door, have your psionic "knock" the door open, and move up. Portnoy Ratsnap, the mob with the key to the boss room, will attack - he isn't too hard. Be sure to loot the key, and have everyone REST after this fight. (You can choose to wait and loot an extra key for safety reasons, as the key is one use - so that you can go back out the way you came and not have to fight a harder mob to get out of the area).

At this point, it's important that everyone is resting, as it is a fear room, which can spook non-rested form members into the boss room when the door is unlocked. This is undesirable, as the door will lock behind that person and they will have to fight the mob alone. The form leader will need have everyone STAND, unlock the up door and move everyone up RIGHT AWAY. It is vital that the leader leads their form in, as opposed to having the tank go in first, as the door will lock behind the first person. From there, the boss, a junior megatentacled bog nightmare (the boss and mark mob), will aggro. Casting calm works here if you need to switch tanks.

The nightmare spits acid, but is low on hp and doesn't hit too hard. It is fairly easily blinded. It appears to be immune to air, negative-energy, water, fire and possibly other forms of magical damage too (however, these types of damage dealt via hand to hand will work, i.e. sahuagin water, fey negative-energy). Physical damage (pierce, slash, bash) also work against the nightmare.

The nightmare is not the final mob on this mini, but it is the one providing the boss kill and mark. The mark is only for the one who lands the killing blow. Repop time is 30 minutes and the room locks behind you, so you can remain in the room and wait for multiple repops in order for everyone in the form to get the mark.

The final mob, 'a rabid shapeshifter,' is more difficult than the nightmare. His room is also CPK, and he is aggro. You will need to kill him to get out unless you got two keys from Portnoy Ratsnap. He drops an opal gemstone which is used for a 240-241 mark.

Burying a jasper in the nightmare's room will let you escape without having to bother with the shapeshifter.

For Archons

Run Mass of Souls, one of the loot is a bog monster effigy. This lasts 180 days and can only be used by a archon-level 103 or higher. This will teleport only you and not any formation members to the boss. Any other rooms except for the exit you cannot enter.

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