Mark Of Mindfulness

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Location: Hellbent Mountain
Level: 241

Visit B'dai, Balthazar's assistant, this requires you defeat the pit beast to obtain a chisel, and a giant salamander for its key, then head to the a heavily-armored dragon which is located in the down from the salamanders area via the chisel. Saints that have the Mark of Fealty can pass the dragon without fighting, others will have to slay it. Once past head up, take first west, wait at the end for a teleport, unlock the door after teleport with the salamanders key then go into the chamber and scan for B'dai.

He will ask you some stuff, sayto him yes to obtain the mark. If you say yes to him a second time he will reward you with a whip; the scourge 'Impetus'. This whip is required to gain access to Hargraven.

Item 'the scourge 'Impetus'' is type weapon, alignment 500, made of silver,
has keywords 'scourge razor thin quicksilver silver coil impetus', equipped wielded as a weapon.
This item weighs 0 stones and 23 pebbles, and is valued at 51,900 gp.
This level 241 item has the attributes: identified invis unbreakable
The scourge 'Impetus' is in excellent condition.
Weapon type is whip, does 165 points of moonlight damage for 1 stamina, accuracy 13.
With your knowledge of 'whip', this weapon can cause 211 damage against 0 ar.
Special weapon attributes: vorpal
*Your proficiency in 'whip' must be greater than 75 to use this item.
*Your archon-level must be greater than or equal to 80 to use this item.
*This item may be repaired 1 time.
The silver glint of Marabah traces itself down Impetus' liquid coil, as
the energy inherent in the scourge's frame swirls about, boiling with a
righteous fury.  From the stainless steel handle to its fluid, tripartite
cracker, the scourge is perfectly reflective, almost unnaturally so.  The
strangest part of Impetus is not its reflectiveness, however, but the fact
that the light it reflects is so luminous; it fully dispels the shadows,
bringing light to where there is none.

For visiting a lonely and underappreciated clerical, the Powers have granted thee a Mark.
You have been granted the Mark of Mindfulness!
You gain 45 practices!
You gain 60 archon points!

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