A Heavily-Armored Dragon

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Location: Hellbent Mountain
Levels: Well equipped, max or near-max Archons; full form of 9 experienced archons preferred
Boss Kill: counts as a boss kill for level 241 and under, but we don't recommend low levels coming with on this run.
Availability: One kill only, 6 hour hibernation period
Marks: Mark of Mindfulness


Standard reagent and mem check. This is a long battle (roughly 30 minutes of non-stop combat) so be prepared with plenty of reagents and a formation that can sustain healing the tank non-stop for that entire time. All form members should have AUTOLOOT OFF due to the nouncurse helm that AD often drops as loot. Make sure that all form members are fully spelled up prior to entering combat, so as to maximize the length of time on their affects.


Must kill the pit beast first.

Provide detailed instructions on how to get to the boss. TBC


This is a very long fight in which your entire formation should be constantly casting cure light on the tank. Even if the tank seems to have high hp, one round of damage from AD can deal a serious blow to their HP. Inform form members of this, and instruct them to use cure light constantly to keep up their sp. Individual casters can break occasionally to help with regen, but overall the form should be equipped with good enough vitals to withstand constant cure light spam. Other than that, spell him up as normal. Designate a couple individuals to be in charge of specific spell ups to help reduce wasteful SP use. He is a dragon, and is therefore immune to bash. Form members can flee down briefly to re-spell up, but the leader should be informed of who is leaving and when, so that at least 8 people stay in the room healing the tank at all times.



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