Mark Of Captivity

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Location: Cavhfail
Level: 6-180
Mark value: 15

Estimate this mark's experience for level

  1. First obtain the Cavhfail Keep password.
  2. Visit Esther McGlodden at the McGlodden Residence. She'll plead about her son being kidnapped by the sentry guards. "sayto esther yes" and let her know that you'll return him to her.
  3. Go to the second floor of the Fangtooth Inn and enter the middle room in the east hallway.
  4. Say the Cavhfail Keep password here in the form <part1>-<part2>-<part3>-<part4> and the trap door will unlock and open.
  5. Follow the path till you hit a dead end, move north (hidden) and continue till you hit another dead end. Move down (hidden) and you will find yourself inside the Cavhfail keep.
  6. There are two exits from this room. The southeast exit leads to the exterior part of the keep while the east exit leads to Grora McGlodden, the missing son. Do NOT idle in this room or you'll be forcefully moved southeast. It is not possible to come back once you have moved southeast and you'll have to go outside and take the long way back from the Inn.
  7. Go inside and kill any sentry guards you encounter. Grora can be located on the second floor of the keep.
  8. Once you have located Grora, wake him up and let him know that you've come to rescue him. He'll join your formation.
  9. Trackback outside via the Fangtooth Inn and lead Grora to his mother. Avoid any sentry guards (-or- once he's formed with you become invisible so guards won't bother you - then become visible before you deliver him to his mom). You will go south and end up 'On the Wall of the Keep'. There is a hidden down in the room third from the left that will take you back to the city.
  10. It appears you cannot get the mark while you still have the trainee uniform on. Remove it just before you enter the room with Esther.

Note: The system seems to check whether you are in formation before granting you the mark, however, Grora breaks form before this check and the mark fails. This can be avoided by having somebody else in your form, besides Grora, before entering the residence. (If you have a way to charm or summon NPCs, another NPC in your form will serve this purpose as well.)

For saving a captive youth from the evil guard, the Powers have granted thee a Mark.
You have been granted the Mark of Captivity!
You gain 45 practices!

What if Grora's already with his mother?

If Grora's at her mother already, you can easily obtain the mark.

  1. Charm Grora.
  2. Move east.
  3. Unform him.
  4. Trigger the mother (see above long guide).
  5. Go east, trigger Grora (you might need to dispel him first, if he's still charmed).
  6. Return west with Grora (and another PC in form) to get mark.

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