Item Attributes

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All items in the game have attributes, or more commonly referred to by players as "flags". These flags determine what an item's properties are, including whether or not it will drop in CPK, it will float when dropped over water, whether or not it will spark, decay, bind to you, or last forever. The game's help file has a detailed list of all item attributes, but we've added some notes to better explain some of the most important flags here in this guide.

the favor of a high priest of Vandyne - Sold in Reward Unit shops for 4 RU, this favor will add the no-sac, insulated, unbreakable and will-float flags to any item of your choosing. This is a great item to purchase and use on +ar items, toy soldiers, and other valuables that you do not want to lose.

BIND-ON-TAKE - This item will bind to whomever takes it the first time and may not be worn by another character after that point. Be sure to have loot off on when killing bosses that drop loot with this flag. Ask your form leader if you're unsure!

BIND-ON-USE - This item will bind to whomever uses it the first time and may not be used by another character after that point.

BIND-ON-WEAR - This item will bind to whomever wears it the first time and may not be worn by another character after that point.

BLESSED - Decreases the wear which items suffer through normal usage and reduces the chance of damage through acid, fire and ice based attacks and traps. Use the spell BLESS to bless an item. EX: cast bless bracelet

DONATION - This item is only available through use of Reward Units (RU).

ENFORCE-LEVEL - Should the player holding this item not meet the level requirement (the player must be at least the level of the item or greater), it will disappear quickly.

EXPLODE - Coupled with the 'thrown' flag, this item will explode upon impact with an opponent.

HIDE-LONG-DESCR - This item doesn't show up if you LOOK in a room. Some rooms have items in them that you cannot see unless you specifically LOOK at that item. Try various letters of the alphabet to check for items. Many people add this flag to home or clan chests. EX: look c If you have an item in your inventory that begins with the letter C, try look 2.c or look 3.c, etc.

IDENTIFIED - The item has been identified using LORE or the IDENTIFY spell. This flag disappears if the item changes hands. If you can see this attribute, you should be able to see all others and any available information about the item.

INSULATED - This item is immune to destruction from fire, ice, acid, and lightning-based spells, weapons, and traps. <-- VERY IMPORTANT ITEM FLAG! If your gear does not have this flag on it, that item may frag and disappear!

INVIS - This item is automatically invisible, and can only be seen by those affected by 'detect invisibility'. Be careful when prepping for CPK that you put away any invis items, or they might get left behind in your corpse!

LEVEL-ADJUSTED - Useful on armor and weapons, this item will adjust its attributes based on the level of the character who wears it.

LOCKER - This item can be used to access your player locker in Rune. If you have this attribute on an item, you may use the LOCKER command. This attribute is found only on Vandemaar's Trunk. See Trunk Guidelines for more info.

MAGIC-RESISTANT - This item cannot have spells, be they beneficial or negative in effect, cast upon it.

NO-AUCTION - This item cannot be auctioned via the auction channel.

NO-BURY - This item cannot be buried by a player.

NO-CONTAINER - This item cannot be placed within a container or bag.

NO-DONATE - This item cannot be donated to the local donation room using the DONATE command.

NO-EQUIPMENT-INDEX - The item will specifically not appear in the equipment index on the Materia Magica website ( This does not mean that the item is not described on a player website.

NO-GIVE - This item cannot be given directly to another using the GIVE command.

NO-IDENTIFY - This item is incapable of being identified through any means, be it magical or otherwise.

NO-MIMIC - Players cannot use the 'mimic' spell to disguise themselves as this item.

NO-NPC - This item cannot be given or sold to NPCs.

NO-RENT - This item cannot be stored in a locker.

NO-REPAIR - This item cannot be repaired or placed in a magic forge.

NO-SAC - This item cannot be sacrificed to the Powers through use of the SACRIFICE command.

NO-SAVE - This item cannot be kept after QUITting. You will be warned should you risk disposing of any such items when you choose to quit if you use the QUIT command.

NO-STEAL - This item cannot be stolen through use of the 'steal' skill by another player in a Chaotic Player Killing room, or by an NPC.

NO-TWEAK - This item's attributes do not vary slightly, like most other items. When forging an item with the no-tweak flag, it will not change the stats of the item from its original setting.

NOCHANGE - This item cannot be restrung through use of the SHOP RESTRING command.

NODECAY - This item will not tarnish due to use. Barring damage in battle or through trapped rooms, will remain intact indefinitely. Weapons with the nodecay flag are great for questing and runs, but be careful not to lose one in CPK!

NODROP - This item cannot be dropped. This is considered a curse and can be removed with the 'REMOVE CURSE' spell, unless the item also has the NOUNCURSE attribute.

NOMAIL - This item cannot be sent to others through use of the MAIL system.

NOREMOVE - Attempts to remove this item will fail until the effect is dispelled through use of a spell or through death. This attribute is considered a curse, although on some valuable items it can be desirable. If coupled with the NOUNCURSE attribute, this effect cannot be removed by the player.

NOUNCURSE - This item cannot be removed from your inventory in any way, death in a player-killing room of any kind will also fail to remove the item. It must be combined with a NOREMOVE or NODROP attribute to determine the nature of the curse.

NPC-VANISH-DEATH - Upon the death of the NPC possessing this item, it will disappear.

OWNER-ONLY - This item may only be used by the person that owns it. To change owners the item must be given or mailed to the new owner. If the item is dropped, hidden, or buried in the world, the ownership status will last until a game reboot, at which time it will reset. Items such as toy soldiers have this attribute.

PIERCING - When found on weapons, this item can be used as a backstabbing weapon.

ROT-DEATH - This item will begin to decay regardless of whether it is used or not.

SAVE-LOCATION - Items lacking this attribute will be removed if left on the ground through a reboot of the game. Items that do have it will remain where they were. Completed toy boxes for collecting plushies gain this flag upon completion.

SUSTAIN-LIFE - This item will prevent a player from becoming hungry or thirsty for as long as it is worn. The player must not be hungry or thirsty at the time of wearing the item or the life-sustaining qualities will not work. Spells such as 'famine' can cause the life-sustaining qualities of an item to cease working until the bearer is no longer hungry or thirsty.

THROWABLE - This item is able to be thrown by a player possessing the 'throwing' proficiency.

TRANSPORT - This item can be used to assist a player in movement about the world. See HELP TRAVEL.

TRAP - This item is a trap that is already set.

UNBREAKABLE - Prevents some items from breaking through usage, and reduces the chance of a worn item wearing out through use. This does not mean the item is indestructible, however.

UNIQUE - Only one of this item may be equipped at a time.

VAMPIRE-BANE - Whilst this item is in use the player is immune to FEEDing and other vampiric attacks by players and other enemies.

VANISH-DEATH - Upon the death of the player possessing this item, it will disappear.

VANISH-IF-DROPPED - Items possessing this flag will disappear if they are dropped by a player.

VIS-DEATH - This item remains invisible until the player or NPC holding it dies. Many runs and bosses have their loots flagged as VIS-DEATH, so you cannot PEEK the NPC to see what he/she/it has.

WEIGHT-REDUCER - Items with this flag will not contribute the weight of their contents to your total carried weight. Trunks have this flag!

WILL-FLOAT - Items with this flag will not sink when dropped in a body of water.

WONT-FUSE - This item cannot be damaged through the use of a lightning-based attack or trap.

Item type: Armor

BACKSTAB-IMMUNITY - This armor eliminates the chance of the wearer from being stabbed in the back.

BACKSTAB-RESISTANCE - This armor item reduces the chance of the wearer of being stabbed in the back.

REFLECT-MAGIC - This armor item (usually a shield) has the ability to deflect magical projectile attacks such as magic dart or fireball, sending them back to their source.

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