Trunk Guidelines

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Trunk Guidelines
Vandemaar's Trunk is arguably one of the most important items your character will obtain. A trunk will hold up to 250 items and up to 55 Stones of weight, and is nouncurse meaning that it is completely CPK proof. Each character can have up to 4 trunks maximum. Trunks are obtained by completing quests in Maldra Keep. There are currently 5 methods from which you can obtain a trunk.

Via Lord Maldra
Before you can purchase a trunk from Lord Maldra you must first successfully complete a quest. The completed quest will allow you to purchase from Lord Maldra for up to 2 hours real time. Once the 2 hours is up, you will not be able to purchase any quest items from him again until you successfully complete another quest, granting you another 2 hours of purchasing time.

1. Completely random trunk. From time to time Lord Maldra will at random have a trunk for sale in his quest list inventory. There are rumors that this might happen at least once every roughly 5 days, but this is not confirmed and can be at any time, any day. Check his quest list frequently to obtain a trunk using this method.

2.Number of Keep Quests Completed. Lord Maldra will have a trunk available for sale after X amount of quests in Maldra Keep have been completed by any number of characters. As the number of keep quests completed rises, Lord Maldra will begin to announce upon quest completion that a trunk is coming soon. His message changes as it gets closer to the quantity of keep quests he desires. If you see one of these messages continue to quest the keep, and perhaps get your friends to quest with you. The more quests that are completed, the higher the chances are that Lord Maldra will relinquish a trunk. At the end of each quest completed, be sure to check quest list and enter quest buy trunk in case your completed quest was his final required one.

When Maldra is nearing ready to relinquish a trunk via this method, you will see the following message upon quest completion: The sound of laughter and pleasant banter emanates from Lord Maldra's throne room, indicating something good is on its way, once Lord Maldra clears his current schedule of quests.

Via Terra Ophellium
3. Levels 121 - 200 ONLY At random Terra Ophellium will appear anywhere in the game and might have up to TWO trunks for sale in his quest list. It is also known that Terra Ophellium likes to frequest Lord Maldra's and Lady Maldra's rooms in Maldra Keep. He also frequently visits the CPK room at the top of his tower on the west side of Maldra Keep. Supposedly there is a method to his madness, but we need more information to confirm anything - what we do know is that after Terra Ophellium visits Lord Maldra he often quickly teleports, within a few seconds, to his CPK study in the tower on the west side of the keep.
Note: If you see Terra, be sure to purchase your trunk as quickly as possible - he often teleports away within a couple seconds. It is recommended to have a quick one or two letter alias for quest buy trunk so that you can purchase it as quickly as possible.

Via Faction Points
4. Complete enough quests in Maldra Keep to achieve "liked" faction status (7,500 faction points) and you can purchase a trunk for 25,000 QP from the merchant in the non-pk room directly north of the entrance to the keep. This method currently takes approximately 465 keep quests.

 Office of Wierus, the Maldra Keep Chandler             -      -      -
(-------------------------------------------------)     - <---(M)---> -
                                                        -      S      -

  This is a long wood-paneled room that stretches off into the distance. 
Rows of shelves line the walls, filled with various items that are needed
throughout the castle.  A large desk sits off to one side, covered with
requisition forms and assorted unidentifiable stacks of paper and scrolls.  
*A monk sits on the floor silently reading from an old tome.
*[Quest] A portly gnome dressed in velvet finery stands here.

[*]<3538hp 2661sp 3069st> [ 0 * 1 * 119 ]
Welcome to Maldra Keep Chandlery! (Member of Maldra Keep)
You have 1,496 quest points.
No.  Item Name                         Level  Amount      Cost
  1) Vandemaar's Trunk                 166    No limit    [  25,000 qp]
     *Requires at least 'liked' standing with Maldra Keep

Via Mark of Legacies
5. First trunk only In Vandemaar's Keep, there is a locked door behind which is a mob that sells unlimited number of trunks. However you can only buy one if you didn't have a trunk to begin with. If you do try, "A puttering automaton tells you, 'One individual cannot own more than 1 of that item at a time.'" From entrance go s,e,s,se,e,s,se,w,ne,n,ne,n,ne,s. Door is northeast.

Area is restricted to lvl 90 and up so first classers cannot obtain a trunk this way either.

To unlock the door have to artifice the key with parts from Novrar, Captive Phoenix, Mako Shark Navave, Pot-bellied Imp, Tourmaline Dragon, and Keeper of Keys. Once unlocked the door will remain open for about 1hr RL (last opening lasted 1hr 8mins).

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