Doctor Gonzo

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Doctor Gonzo is a minor boss, pretty easy to solo, while he isn't hard to get to it can be pretty time consuming and made difficult by other players attempting to CPK you. To get to Doctor Gonzo you need to wait in his waiting room, in the hospital area of Maldra Keep (from southeast corner, north to 2nd west, then west to the CPK waiting room). More than one of you can wait at a time. If you are formed, have each person enter the room one at a time to trigger the wait timer. Doing this allows you to all enter near simultaneously as you each have your own RL 20min wait timer.


Basic preparation is required, spell mems, reagents. Calm herbs will not work in his room any longer. A lot of flash bombs are recommended, if you are a psionic or you have a donation mask, then the flash bombs are not really needed.

Doctor Gonzo encounter

Immune to: summon charm necromantic
Resistant to: bash poison energy disease cold fire
Vulnerable to: mental fire
* 'sanctuary', cast at level 350.
* 'fireshield', cast at level 350.
* 'haste', cast at level 350.

Pretty straight forward fight, he will not agro you, but it is a 1 room fight, if you flee east, you have to wait 20 minutes to enter again, so fleeing should be a last resort. During combat he will summon elementals and swarm. If he swarms, kill them, and let him summon elementals. The elementals you can either attempt to spook east via mask or spell. If you have neither of those available to yourself, then you will need to flash bomb them, or blind via spell as final option. After his form is full and all is spooked out or blind its just a simple matter of keeping them blind, and killing him.

Note: Landing the killing blow will award the Mark of Vitality.

Doctor Gonzo carries:

Item 'a mottled vomit-yellow scroll' is type scroll, alignment 0, made of paper,
has keywords 'mottled vomit yellow scroll disjunction'.
This item weighs 0 stones and 6 pebbles, and is valued at 3,560 gp.
This level 99 item has the attributes: nochange enforce-level
A mottled vomit-yellow scroll is in excellent condition.
Contains knowledge of the spell of 'disjunction', scribed at level 99.
This is a magical spell scroll, written by wizards and containing the
instructions on how to perform a magical spell.  Other wizards can 'scribe'
it into their spellbooks and thus learn the spell in order to cast it many
times, or it can be cast directly from the scroll one time if necessary.

MUST have the mark pestilence to get the nurse to even let you wait to get entry

Note: While you are with him you can also attain the Mark of Delirium

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