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Materia Magica has an extensive build system, where players can obtain or purchase Build Points (roots for clan halls) and use them to independently construct player homes and clan halls.

We strongly recommend that you visit the Free Build area in Rune where you can practice building without spending any BP or roots. The Free Build area is located 4 west, 1 north from the east gate in Rune.

Build Commands Overview The basic commands for all building are the same regardless of the type of home or hall being built.

Homes may be built at the following locations:
   Sepharia:          * Rune
                      * New Rigel
                      * Xaventry
   Auryn:             * Sigil
   Beltane:           * Pirate's Cove
   Avros:             * Tellerium
   Sigil Underground: * Genauras
                      * Bandit Camp
   Underground:       * Decara
                      * Vir
                      * Arien'dyth
   Faerie Plane:      None.

Condos are convenient houses which cannot be broken into. Condoes exist in all areas which already had housing. One must recall into a condo to enter.

You can recall home to a home from nearly anywhere in Alyria, the Sigil Underground or Underground (ie Vir, Decara, Sea Hag, etc), but you cannot recall home from the void or Faerie Plane. If you own multiple homes, you can switch the house that you will recall to by typing "recall list" then choosing "recall list #" to select the home to set as your primary recall. Doing this costs up to $30k for each switch, depending on your level.

Note: some zones and rooms have a no-recall flag, meaning you cannot recall from the zone/room. A prime example of this would be New Kolvir, which is entirely no-recall.

Helpful Home Building Tips:

More helpful tips to come!

Home Building Points Costs
Clan Hall Building Root Costs
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