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Banished's Alliance Badges

 Banished has 8 alliance badges.

Boss List:

a barbarian from a far-off land
a beast hunter
a berserk manticore
a coal-black djinn
a dark Nalfeshnee
a freshwater elemental
a frost revenant
a gargoylic necromancer
a ghost of times past
a gnarled, gnobbly little sorceror
a heavily-armored dragon
a hooded reaper of the nine plaguebearers
a horrifying, demonic Blarg
a Juju monkey
a mass of souls
a massive platinum titan statue
a moray as long as the darkness is deep
a morose spectre
a pernicious hodag
a psychic yeti
a ten-legged murderbeast
a tourmaline-ensconced umber hulk
an altered yaswon
an ancient beyonder
an armored ferromancer
an Eldamarian battlerager
an ettin cannibal
an evil-eyed homunculus laboratory assistant
an imp of the perverse
Archon Hunter Masters
Auuqurun the Sliith
Avarosis, Avatar Prime of the Queen
Balaria, the insane Court Jester
Bevidath, the sea hag twin
Crerakoth the kauri
Doctor Gonzo
E'jmai, the caretaker
Fendawyr the half dragon
Heptheran the Demonic
Jatzpek the Monastery Avatar
Jhepp the Archlich
Jihulynth, the taskmaster
Lothaire the Abjurer
megalith Peulvan
Mharizad, the elder vampire
Mourdul, Throne of Pain
Mr. Simes
one of the twin dragons of Colove
Prince Raymatus Galzmati
Reztreal, the elemental spectre
Sargrag the sinner
Saurua Gnash
Sloonsnar, Star Eater Supreme
Teshi, the lugubrious dragon
the Archmage Kessarian
the bilious toad of ruin
the Cruelty of Miannas
the crusader behemoth
the Demon Lord of Cruelty
the Dracolich
the executioner
the Golgothan
the great shadow wyrm Draask
the hideous screaming skull of regret
the hunchback
the hunchbacked, deformed cryptkeeper
the incarnation of death
the Kell commander
the Laocoon
the mad war master
the mechagoblin
the Megafather
the mighty balrog, Abacax
the mighty balrog, Azathoth
the mindflayer mind-taker
the nefarious Dr. Gnekow
the tattooed simulacrum
the teary-eyed, bedraggled bride
the Towne Crier
the vengeful archangel, Ghryzhrymydyon
the wand golem
the zombie Tyrannosaurus
Throgblar the Huge
Thyvax, the hellsteed
Torath the Damned
Vauldroth, the Kung Fu dracon
Vebidath, the sea hag twin
Veldra, the witch sister
Viridis, Queen of Dracons

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