An Odious Wizard

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Availability: Level 59 and under only, unknown repop.


Bring silence wands from the desert Thorne, they stop him from casting anything except shocking grasp and chill touch. Check mems, reagents, light sources, healing items, etc. It is recommended to bring a monk, priest, psionic, witch, wizard or any combination thereof to keep the wizard plagued/poisoned.

The Eightfold Path

Somewhere in the wilderness east and south of Sigil lies a hole. It looks like a dark gray 'O' on the field. Once you find it, go 2D. You will end up in a LPK that branches off into 8 different portals in all directions. One of these portals leads to the odious wizard. Since the wizard is randomly located behind one, there is unfortunately no way to pinpoint where he is outside of trial and error. If you happen to select a fake portal, you must kill the NPC(s) behind it for an escape portal to appear. That portal will take you back to the branching LPK. The false portals may contain:

An odious wizard encounter

The correct portal will contain an exit portal to the north and another room to the south.

The odious wizard will be sleeping in his workshop to the south. It is high-regen, so take advantage of sleeping there whenever there is no combat going on. The wizard uses a cape that makes him immune to backstab. Spell up, orbs work great here. Have your spellcaster curse/FF/poison/plague/weaken the wizard. Poison and/or plague is essential here. It is unknown of psionic blind works, but it could. Silence wands also could work. Silence will stop most of his spells, but he could still cast some moderately powerful "touch" spells (IE: chill touch, shocking grasp).

Have your tank attack the wizard and the rest of the team spam damage skills and spells. Keep your HP above 600 (he seems to be casting HE, religious spells, and Ice Wind at archon level. Hit me in max first class AR as a sidhe valk for 602 with HE) in order to take any of his spells and survive. If he casts while you have less, flee and alternate tanks. If everybody is worn out and must flee, return to his room after waiting 4 seconds to ensure you don't get hit as you go back. Wake him up and regen in his room. Then chip at him again. Note that even plagued/poisoned, the wizard still has a rapid HP regen script. Just keep at it and he shall fall.

The Mark of Hygiene will be awarded upon the odious wizard's death. Be aware that if the wizard is killed while he is blind, no Mark will be awarded. The entire form will get transported to his storeroom, where they may find a random manual of (hands of wind/kill/teleport) and various astral reagents. When the form is finished looting, they may head all east and wait; they will soon be teleported to the Yo-Yo Training Room in the Sigil Fighting Academy.

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