An Ettin Cannibal

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Availability: Standard 30 minute zone repop.

I recommend a form of at least four good Archons, more if anyone is not maxed as sp is very limited once in An ettin cannibalís room. An ettin cannibal is located in Templeton's Catacombs of Shame from the entrance follow this path e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;d;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;e;e;e;e;e;e;n;n;n;n;d;s;s;s;s;w;w;w;s;s;s;s An ettin cannibal is located two rooms to the east, but wait at this point before ready.


Rangers and monks should have at least 15 calm mixes on them, some high explosive is helpful for saving spell points for healing while still doing some extra damage. Check the usual stuff before killing any big mob, reagents amounts, spell mems (make sure detect illusions is one of your memorized spells) the tank needs to set defense to dodge and be sure to place the tank in 'form reform <person> fc' position of a shield formation. Finally the most important part is that anyone with throwing should have around 10 flash bombs each and everyone should have a few word of recall scrolls or the spell memorized.

Once satisfied, spell up, including detect illusion. An ettin cannibal is located 2 east of you (if you have followed the path stated earlier).

An ettin cannibal encounter

First send the tank into the room to attack An ettin cannibal, then have the form follow, as An ettin cannibal starts to summon or swarm have the people with calm mixes eat them and someone quickly flash the form before the tank attacks again. An ettin cannibal will paralyse the tank some times so be ready with a designated second tank who can take over if needed at calming. Faerie fire and weaken the An ettin cannibal, but other than that conserve SP purely for healing as you wont be regenerating any more, unless you get teleported out. Randomly people will be teleported into the Templeton castle dungeons, where Thantosis is, this is CPK. Have them quickly word of recall out to the town safe room and run back to the temple altar.

Once into the Catacombs of Shame again a quick alias to get you back there fast is helpful. (#ALIAS Ettin {e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;d;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;e;e;e;e;e;e;n;n;n;n;d;s;s;s;s;w;w;w;s;s;s;s;e;e} if you use Zmud or Cmud for example).

Should anyone in the form get killed An ettin cannibal will restore a large portion of its HP, you can attempt to loot them if needed, or An ettin cannibal will throw the corpse west out of his room after a while so you can loot, this room is CPK too though.

Once dead An ettin cannibal will randomly drop a manual of chain lightning, the spell needs to be under 65% to use and your Archon level must be 70 or higher, holding this manual will grant you the Mark of Vengeance.

Since the room is no exit you can wait for the room to teleport you out one by one, which is risky, or you can bury a gemstone and enter the portal to get out.

Am ettin cannibal carries:

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