A Thunderous Stormlord

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Location: Rune Forest.
Levels: 10-60
Boss Kill: First class, only grants practices and does not register in personal logs
Availability: Repop
Marks: None


He's a soloable mob in LPK. From entrance go all w, all n, 13w, u, n, d, 3n, w, nw. USE shrine to get to the stormlord's area. He is in the middle of a 3 x 3 LPK area.


He is aggressive and will instantly cast faerie fire. He casts other debuff spells such as evil eye (-1 vitality), immobilize (-1 agility), jinx (-1 luck) and possible more. He has a special attack to stop combat and summon lightningbursts that will instantly kill if you stay in that room. So move away slowly, to another room when prompted to. Move back to his room when he will roar and accept challengers again and resume battle.

A thunderous stormlord howls in anguish, and the storm responds.
Ball lightning descends towards the platform.

A lightningburst lands, ready to explode!
A lightningburst lands right in the center!
Lightningbursts land on the west, east, south and north sides of the platform - avoid them!

If you move into a room and see A lightningburst grows ever more unstable WALK AWAY from that room, or it will kill you instantly.

Once he dies, USE shrine in the middle room to go back to the bird city.


dragonbone armplates and antique dwarven weapons

Item 'dragonbone armplates' is type armor, alignment 0, made of bone (in (new) condition),
has keywords 'dragonbone armplates', equipped on the arms.
This item weighs 0 stones and 15 pebbles, and is valued at 5,000 gold. 
This level 20 item has the attributes: identified insulated wont-fuse no-dispel no-tweak
Armor resistance is 5 pierce, 5 bash, 3 slash, and 2 exotic.
Affects saving-breath by 3.
Affects fire-prcnt by 5.
Affects damage-boss-cat1 by 10.
*This item may be repaired 4 times.
Despite the apparant rarity of dragons and the Dragon Lords around Alyria,
there's an oddly high amount of dragon-related relics, treasures and rumors
in this part of Sepharia, apparently centering around the Lasler Valley and
Rune.  These armplates have been fashioned from a dragon's leg and brought
together by curving ribs, over which stretches thick scale skin.  It's a sad
fate for the creature, but wearing them might at least bring some respect.  

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