A Giant Yeti

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Availability: Standard zone repop.

This guide is on A giant yeti which is in Maldra Keep, and how to get the item:


A minor run that can be completed fairly often, player traffic in Maldra Keep permitting. Either smoke bombs or calm mixes are required.

A giant yeti encounter

From Sanctuary, go 2 south, 3 east, 11 south, 10 east, 13 north, 4 west (3rd west is no-trap CPK), up, 7 south, 2 west into a normal magic NPK room

If there is no mob there, you'll have to make it repop, and it would be very likely that the second location will have 2 yetis there, but they are not formed. Directions to their room would be:

From Sanctuary, go 2 south, 3 east, 11 south, 10 east, 17 north, west, down (this room is silent CPK, called "The Torture Chamber"), search and open northwest, nw

This room is NPK, nomagic and no-flee, thus it would be good for rangers and monks to bring their calm herbs, anyone else will have to make do with smoke bombs. There is a non-visible no-regen CPK exit west of the yetis, as well as the southeast exit where you came from, to escape from the yetis if you are running low on hp.

The giant yetis can be flash bombed, but cannot be blinded by copper mixes, and are frost and poison immune.

The yetis may pop with a scalpel, which makes them much easier to kill, otherwise if they have no weapon they will do frost damage, and they breathe frost and may sometimes stomp the ground to deal emote damage.

After all the giant yetis northwest of the torture chamber are killed, they will repop normally, and most of the time A giant yeti will also repop on the second floor. Should one not repop on the second floor then you will have to kill all of them constantly on the main floor for the yeti on the second floor to repop. The yeti hide leggings is NOT vis-death, so you can peek to see if it loaded with one.

A giant yeti carries:

Item 'a pair of yeti hide leggings' is type armor, alignment 0, made of leather,
has keywords 'leggings leg yeti', equipped on the legs.
This item weighs 0 stones and 47 pebbles, and is valued at 52,300 gp.
This level 225 item has the attributes: invis insulated
A pair of yeti hide leggings is in excellent condition.
Armor resistance is 49 pierce, 47 bash, 49 slash, and 47 exotic.
Affects spell-points by 15.
Casts the level 110 spell, 'pass door'.
*This item may be repaired 2 times.
The leggings are made from the magically tough hide of a shaggy white yeti. 
They have been tanned with the fur still on the hide, therefore they provide
warmth in addition to acting as armor.  You get a slight tingling sensation
in your legs when you put them on and somehow you feel more protected.

Note: These can be used for Artificing via the Unseelie Castle artificing guide.

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