A Desiccated Zombie

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Availability: 30 minute repop.

Located in Catacombs of Shame below Templeton, requires 2-3 average 180's and one Archon or Hero to help reach it.


Check your mems, reagents, some method of "dispel area" and be sure to get a spade, once ready follow the Seriende guide and complete the queens in order to the south point (the death queen). You do not need to reach her, merely teleport to her zone, once teleported head east to first south, then 2 south, and 1 east, dig here, go down and dig again. From here on your Archon or Hero can no longer help, the east room is a third class restricted area, down a few rooms and west is A Desiccated Zombie.

A Desiccated Zombie encounter

The room is darkened at repop, so you will need to dispel it each repop. This room is CPK.

The mob can paralyze, but other than that is quite easy; heal the tank when he gets too low. A few calm herbs are useful in case the tank gets para'd and low. Two well-rounded 180s will be sufficient for this run; a 3rd will make it easy.

In addition to the above mentioned paralyze, blocks fleeing, emotes damage (A desiccated zombie emotionlessly grabs a handful of flesh off of them body, and throws it at you!). Also disarms and eats your weapon (recover on kill).

A Desiccated Zombie carries:

Item 'hook of the phantasmagor' is type weapon, alignment -666, made of iron,
has keywords 'hook phantasmagor long iron', equipped wielded as a weapon.
This item weighs 0 stones and 51 pebbles, and is valued at 37,100 gp.
This level 180 item has the attributes: throwable unbreakable vanish-if-dropped
Hook of the phantasmagor is in excellent condition.
Weapon type is hook, does 133 points of negative-energy damage for 1 stamina, accuracy 10.
With your knowledge of 'hook', this weapon can cause 63 damage against 0 ar.
Special weapon attributes: vampiric
*This item may be repaired 8 times.
This long, lethal weapon is shaped like a fish hook, but is even sharper,
and made of rusty iron.  It shines in some places, twinkling and phasing
like the stars do when stared at, but is completely rusted elsewhere.  While
not particularly in and of itself, it does look like the perfect weapon that
a mummy or werewolf or zombie of some kind might desire greatly, and because
of that, it might not be a very good idea to keep it on your person for
+++ a hook of the phantasmagor has, at midnight under the light of two
full moons, a chance to disappear, at a rate of 10%.
+++ a hook of the phantasmagor will, when worn by an appropriate agent at
night, transform them into a werewolf. 

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