The Archmage Of Fire (Atlantis)

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Location: Atlantis
Boss Kill: counts as a boss kill for level 241 and under.
Availability: Standard Atlantis repop (around 30 minutes)
Marks: Mark of Rivalry and Mark of Balance


Standard reagent and mem check. Underwater Breathing is a must! This boss is easily solo-able at archon.


From the down into Atlantis from Oceanus Ingenii [1988,1306], go 3 east, 4 up, 1 north, 7 down. BEWARE! Going one more down will lead you into a death trap. If you spam down to flee from the aggro mobs, you can easily run right past the Archmage of Fire and into the DT.

You will run though CPK to get to him, but the actual fight is in NPK. Aggro mobs are frequently in and around his room. It is best to spook or flee, but they are easily taken care of, even if solo.


Spell him up with the usual - faerie fire, curse, poison, plague, web, etc. He casts various elemental damage spells (flame wind, spark, iceball, and lightning bolt were a few that I noticed). He isn't very difficult, but is much easier if dispelled (I used a redemption to dispel). He has sanctuary, fireshield, and haste. The east and west tunnels from the Archmage are CPK while the up is NPK. It is best to flee up if you need.

Read Aura


Will sometimes drop the Gem of Gath for the Mark of Balance

Item 'heavy, protective obsidian wristguards' is type jewelry, alignment 0,
 made of obsidian (in (new) condition),
has keywords 'heavy protective obsidian wristguards pair prohibitively volcanic
 stone', equipped on the wrist.
This item weighs 0 stones and 60 pebbles, and is valued at 126,500 gold. {Cat.
This level 230 item has the attributes: no-sac no-dispel untaintable-affects
Affects ar-torso by 2.
Affects ar-head by 4.
Affects ar-tail by 2.
Affects agility by -3.
Affects ar by 1.
Affects extra-defense-speed by -19.
*This item may be repaired 2 times.
The gauntlets don't look impressive, and in fact, they look downright
brittle.  Carefully chipped from brittle igneous rock, they look heavy and
inflexible.  Yet the unnamed island from which Ystrade originates has turned
a pretty profit, selling them worldwide upon the promise of their magical
durability.  They are too heavy to even move extremities with, but they do
indeed provide plenty of protection at the cost of mobility.  

Item 'a hellfire whip' is type weapon, alignment -700, made of energy (in (new)
has keywords 'whip hell fire hellfire', equipped wielded as a weapon.
This item weighs 0 stones and 48 pebbles, and is valued at 41,100 gold. {Cat. 4}
This level 200 item has no special attributes.
With whip, you will deal Min slash damage with Max accuracy, at Low range, with
 a High chance to crit for 2x damage.
148 Damage: (+114 from weapon) (+34 from skill & strength) (40% chance for +8
 from enhanced damage) 
[1988, 1306]
80 Accuracy: (+4 from level) (+25 from weapon skill) (+34 from weapon) (+11
 from agility) (+1 from personality) (+4 from strength) (+1 from luck) 
[1988, 1306]
4 Range:  (+4 from whip)
13% Critical Hit chance:  (+13 from whip)
Special weapon attributes: flaming
Relics: (none)         (0/1 slots occupied)
When casting condemn, there is a 5% chance of its duration being tripled.
*This item may be repaired 3 times.
This whip has no real material made to construct it.  Instead, it seems
that the entire whip itself is constructed from the hottest fires from the
volcano, which is rumoured to reach the center of Hell.  It is hot to hold,
but, to those that can stand fire, the whip doesn't seem to harm you.  A
sense of incredible power permeates your body, as you wield the very fires
of Hell.  

Item 'a suit of fire' is type armor, alignment -600, made of energy (in (new)
has keywords 'suit fire armor', equipped on the body.
This item weighs 1 stones and 49 pebbles, and is valued at 20,500 gold. {Cat. 4}
This level 200 item has the attributes: blessed
Armor resistance is 27 pierce, 26 bash, 27 slash, and 26 exotic.
Relics: (none)         (0/2 slots occupied)
*Your alignment must be less than 0 to use this item.
*This item may be repaired 7 times.
Brilliant orange, yellow and blue flames swirl violently about this suit
of armor, giving it the appearance of being entirely constructed of fire.  A
fitting suit of armor for the Archmage of Fire.  As you reach for it, you
feel the heat searing your flesh, perhaps it is too hot for you to wear.  

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