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Location: Ogre Village
Levels: 2 heros
Boss Kill: None.
Availability: 3 hours (per Duende)
Marks: None.


Standard reagent and mem check. The area is CPK but restricted to hero and under.

Spell up as normal.


Sorfirre is a dragon located in a hidden level restricted part of Ogre Village. Cross the river and then follow the path to the north/eastish. (From recall) 1s 1se 3s 3sw 1s 1e 2ne 1se 1e 1s 1se 1e 1ne 2e 1s 1ne(hidden exit) 1n 2ne 1nw 2n 1nw 1n. To the west of this room is CPK. Prepare yourself for CPK and make sure all your spells are ready. When you are sure it is safe, go 3 west. To the north is Sorfirre. Also in the room are Sorabreeze and Firecress. If you are with another person unform and stand in the room next to them. Right after a tick, attack your friend and stack flee north. When you enter the room, attack Sorabreeze and Firecress and wait one round. They should form together. Flee back and form up with your partner.


Enter the room and Sorfirre should attack you. He doesn't do much damage, the only slightly scary thing is he can paralyze. If you have a partner who can heal you each round, you should be fine. Solo it can be deadly if you don't have enough HP to survive 3-5 mins of para. While in combat he is easy to spell up, then just outlast him. He has a decent amount of hp so it will take a while. He is immune to bash and plague.

Read Aura

You sense the following:
Sorfirre is a level 350 dragon..
Sorfirre is immune to bash.
Sorfirre is immune to charm.
Sorfirre is resistant to magic.
Sorfirre is resistant to fire.
Sorfirre is vulnerable to mental.
Sorfirre is vulnerable to pierce.
Sorfirre has a Saving against Breath Weapons modifier of 25.
Sorfirre has a Saving against Paralysis (i.e., Sleep, Web, Slow, etc.) modifier of 5.
Sorfirre has a saving against Magic Orbs, Staves, and Wands modifier of 5.


~100,000 gold

A star for the Mark Of Astronomy

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