Mark Of Vertigo

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Complete the tutorial quest 'Dizziness Tutorial - The Mark of Vertigo' with Quest Undertake 3238. The forest is located 1 north and 1 west of the Xaventry South Gate.

This quest [3238] is called 'Dizziness Tutorial - The Mark of Vertigo',
for Adventurers levels 23 to 241.
This is a TUTORIAL. It provides no rewards, but teaches you about Alyria. Xaventry is a dense, heavily-populated town, but there's always room for more trees. Make your way to the old growth forest at the south edge of town, and observe the majesty of some of the largest trees in Sepharia.
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These trees represent an object lesson in the oft-dizzying of nature- their wooden hearts contain latent magical effects, which can cause dizziness similar to other vertiginous affects like confusion, chromatomantic enchantments, and total darkness.

A peaceful forest is the ideal place to study the personal outcomes of these
effects, and how to diminish any harm that they might cause.
Tutorial quests do not grant rewards.
This quest has no time limit.
Dizziness Tutorial - The Mark of Vertigo consists of:
Phase 1: [Complete] Journey to The Main Entrance of the Town of Xaventry.
Phase 2: [Complete] Check out the forest you will be studying in.
Phase 3: [Complete] Go into the forest, and gaze upon the first, tallest tree you can find, to understand how these dizzying things manifest.
Phase 4: [Complete] In order to study how crushed herbs can assuage disorienting affects, head towards the sidhe herbalist along the woodland trail.
Phase 5: [Complete] Visit a sidhe herbalist.
Phase 6: [Complete] Recover and Keep 3/3 of a withered mutini herb.
Phase 7: [Complete] After buying the herbs, go west down Market Street- you'll need to purchase magical analogues as well.
Phase 8: [Complete] Visit the alley near the barracks, on the west side of town.
Phase 9: [Complete] Visit an absent-minded wizard, whose shop is located in the dark alley south of Market Street.
Phase 10: [Complete] Recover and Keep 3/3 of an eyedropper of essence of Reztreal.
Phase 11: [Complete] Now that you have the supplies you'll need to fight disorientation, go back to the old growth forest.
Phase 12: [Complete] Use your eyedropper of essence of Reztreal to dispel the local disorientation.
Phase 13: [Complete] After you have cast 'dispel area' with the essence, make your way west, to see how to do it again in places that magic cannot be used.
Phase 14: [Complete] Gaze upon the tallest beech tree in Xaventry, which blankets the ground with an anti-magic sphere.
Phase 15: [Complete] Your magical eyedropper won't work here, but you can eat your mutini herb to dispel the local disorientation instead.
Phase 16: [Complete] After escaping from the beech, seek out the grove of sugar maples to the north.
Phase 17: [Complete] In the center of the grove stands the tallest and most imposing of the sugar maples- but its aura prevents the use of magic and its smell makes herbs unappetizing.
Phase 18: [Complete] Go back south, where you will be upwind and out of the range of the maple's anti-magic aura.
Phase 19: [Complete] 'Dispel Area' will dispel magic not only from its own room, but adjacent rooms too. Hold and use your eyedropper of essence of Reztreal to dispel the disorientation to the north.
Phase 20: [Complete] Return to the Disorientlying Tall Sugar Maple and observe that its height is not quite so disorienting.
Phase 21: [Complete] Journey to A Pear Grove.
Phase 22: [Complete] The disorientation caused by the pear can be dispelled by neither magic nor herbs- the only way past is to fumble your way out.
Phase 23: You've made it out--get your bearings by returning to the entrace of the grove.

All parts of your quest 'Dizziness Tutorial - The Mark of Vertigo' are complete.
You have gained the Mark of Vertigo!
You receive 60 quest points, 10 archon points, 1 alignment, and 20 practices.

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