Mark Of Aquamancy

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Levels 35-60 only mark.

Description: Observe and defeat the magic of Sajjes the Aquamancer, now retired in Lowangen.

This is a rather lengthy mark. Requires defeating 3 mini-bosses that each drop an item which when all combined together (through artificing) creates a warpstone. Using this at the right location leads to the final mini-boss who grants the mark on kill.

These parts can be obtained in any order. However the item obtained in the Inn of the Twin Moons is a highlander item, meaning there can only be one in the whole game. It shouldn't matter too much but it might be worthwhile getting this item last.

Desert Thorne
On the VMAP (wilderness) walk clockwise around Desert Thorne starting from the east entrance/exit. You'll see a north entrance. Go through here and fight the miniboss.

Inn of the Twin Moons
Enter the inn and follow the path west into the stables. There is a hidden down located in the furthest east room of the stables. Go down and northeast then search north. Mini-boss will be in the room north.

Located in a hidden down from the hidden room north of Sultan Cronus. However you first need to acquire two keys. One can be located in the same palace/castle floor (from main foyer keep going north until the end, then one south, west, north). Kill the eunuch or vizier for the key. The other can be found one south and west of Junction of Tiefstan Street and Peraine Boulevard. It'll have a description dusty footprints leading to the southwest. Search southwest and obtain the key from the mob. (You can also move SW without searching, confirmed as of May 21, 2020)

All three parts obtained
Artifice the 3 spellbooks (artifice spellbook 2.spellbook 3.spellbook). The warpstone you obtain will tell you which street you can use it on. This is located in Lowangen. Use it and you'll be teleported to the house with the last mini-boss. Kill it to obtain the mark. Do not flee north or else you'll have to get all three parts again.

Update: you have to (artifice a gift-wrapped spellbook of aquamancy) once you have all 3 pieces

If you want to start and come back later, know that both keys from Lowangen, and the page from the Inn of the Twin Moons, will decay to nothing.

Potential Loot:

You focus your powers of observation on a heavy-duty weight vest:
Item 'a heavy-duty weight vest' is type armor, alignment 0, made of stone (in (new) condition),[Study][LTB]
has keywords 'vest weight heavyduty duty stones ballast', equipped on the body.
This item weighs 0 stones and 35 pebbles, and is valued at 7,775 gold. {Cat. 2}
This level 59 item has the attributes: no-tweak bind-on-take
Armor resistance is 8 pierce, 8 bash, 6 slash, and 5 exotic.
Relics: (0/1 slots occupied)
Affects ar by 1.
Affects attack-speed by -5.
Affects accuracy by -1.
Affects ar-head by 1.
Casts the level 30 spell, 'stone skin'.

This weight is designed to allow deep-sea divers to rapidly descend
underwater. This vest is mostly just a web of heavy-duty mesh ringed with
hooked weights, so that when the desired depth has been reached, the weights
can be easily taken off piecemeal, enough to slow or stop descent but not
enough so that its wearer is buoyant enough to just float back towards the

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