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Location: Magencia
Levels: hero or archon recommended, soloable by an archon. This is CPK, so take a friend with if you are unsure.
Boss Kill: counts as a boss kill for level 241 and under.
Availability: standard area repop time of 30 minutes, no hibernation
Marks: n/a


Standard reagent and mem check. Wear CPK gear as this spot is easy to get CPK'd at. Unprepared heroes and under can die somewhat easily to Demonis, especially if you are not prepared. Prepare for CPK prior to entering the area, as 'who nowhere' is often watched closely by CPKers. The less time you spend in 'who nowhere' the better off you will be.


Demonis is located within the bowels of the Magencia, located at 865, 834 in Alyria. It is within the "WHO NOWHERE" zone, so keep a close eye on who nowhere and who wilds to see if any CPKer is coming after you.

Demonis can cast a wide arsenal of spells, including blind and silence. If you're not sure you can outlast a few rounds, bring some cure blind potions with you so that you can exit combat or trunk all without any problems.

To get to Demonis, enter the Magencia and move east and north into Captain Mericus' room. Kill Captain Mericus to obtain 'a padlock key'. If you struggle with the fight against Mericus, this is a good sign that you most likely will have difficulty fighting Demonis. Call on a friend to come help you with Demonis if Mericus was a challenging fight.

Once you have obtained the padlock key, re-spell up, go down through the grate, and unlock south. Move south, and make any final preparations for CPK. Once ready, enter the portal to immediately engage with Demonis in a CPK room.


Demonis will aggro immediately upon entering through the portal. You can flee south or calm combat if something goes terribly wrong. He deals quite a bit of melee damage, and casts a standard arsenal of spells. Simply spell him up and keep yourself healed. Standard boss combat logic applies.


a withered cornhusk scroll a ribcage from a small human a pair of childskin footwear the soul of the unborn a brain engine a childskin shield

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