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Get a trap from Professor Silax in Sigil on Sanctuary Road by saying 'I will help recover the missing reindeer'
1. Go to your level appropriate town and find reindeer.
2. Move one room away from the reindeer, put your bait into the trap and drop the trap.
3. Hope the reindeer moves into the room and gets trapped.
4. Get trap, get all trap. When ready, give the tags to any of the assistants.
5. Repeat to step 1.

Brown reindeer: Gold (2nd class 3k gold per tag)
Gray reindeer: Quest Points (2nd class 29-35 qp per tag)
Ebony reindeer: Practices (2nd class 3-5 pracs per tag)
Silver reindeer: Jingle bell

Bait info:
Some longstem hay 400 gp First Class
A large orange carrot 275 gp Second Class
A large spinach leaf 550 gp Third Class
A pile of willow leaves 1,000 gp Fourth, Archon Class
Some reindeer moss 275 gp Silver Reindeer

Jingle Bell info:
Hold and use it, its a teleport item, unlimited use while it lasts:
An obedient reindeer calls out to you, 'Where would you like to go, Vivi?'
An obedient reindeer calls out to you, 'Pirate's Cove, Lowangen, Winterborn's Mansion, Arcane Archipelago, Palace of Diocletian, Vospire, or Templeton?'
An obedient reindeer calls out to you, 'Just say the name, and we'll be on our way!'
This info is for second class. Archon gets Seahag, Vir, Hotel Hello, Hellbent, Maldra's Keep, Deceit, Decara

Q: Reindeer aren't getting trapped by my trap?!
A: You're in the wrong city, you're using the wrong bait, you forgot to put bait in the trap. Possible fluke the reindeer evaded your trap
Q: The reindeer was in a only one exit room! I was sure to trap it but it just disappeared?!
A: It flew off, "Without warning or hesitation, a medium-sized gray reindeer levitates into the air and flies away."

For: Level 10 and up
Subject: An Alyrian Yuletide Adventure
Posted: Fri Dec 21 17:39:27 2018, expires Fri Dec 28 17:39:27 2018
Professor Silax is a fairly obscure magical scientist from the Towne of Sigil. Funded by a grant from the Council of the Arcane, he has been
researching animal breeding experiments, in attempts to produce faster, more efficient, leaner, tauter animals. His latest experiments have focused on Lord Vendredi's prized pack animals, south Auryn reindeer. Magically tampering with their physical and mental prowess has produced very interesting results. An original sixteen reindeer were selected for the breeding program, with half as the control group. The other eight were made nine, after one of the control group proved himself too intelligent and rowdy to be tricked by pine wands, rather than yew. They were experimented on over a course of months, finally producing three quarters of a dozen super reindeer. The test was a success, producing capable, strong, responsible reindeer for towing Vendredi about the winter solstice nights, as he traditionally delivers all of his year's work worth of toys to children around Alyria.

In fact, not only was it a success, breeding the smartest, strongest reindeer possible, but it was too successful, allowing the reindeer to see their inbred inferiority and subjugation by the humans. Although never Lord Vendredi's intent, it was indeed true. The last test subject from the program, Charles, led a revolt among his fellow enhanced reindeer. Up, they levitated into the night sky, as they always have, only without their master's sleigh. Feeling vindicated, free of their social, zoological and physical bonds, they also freed their lesser kin, the hundreds of other reindeer raised in captivity since the start of the domestication of the animals. The original nine led their brethren through the sky, dispersing themselves back into the lands whence they came.

However, many had only known city life for their entire upbringing, particularly the young, and quickly gravitated towards the respective city centers of the continents they landed on. Viewing it as a temporary setback, rather than a fundamental flaw in their plan for freedom, the nine followed them into the towns, to help them adjust to life beyond the feedbag. Professor Silax, the director of the experiments, now needs help in gathering the creatures, to bring them back into captivity.

He has come up with a magical trap for the reindeer, which he has been giving out to anyone who offers to help him. The trap - operating under an alchemical spell - will attract the reindeer and magically teleport their organic matter back to Sigil, where they can be chained once more. To receive credit for their captures, their original laboratory tags will fall to the ground after their teleportation, and the tags may be redeemed by Professor Silax's assistants Snide, Bide, Wide, and Pride, who are located in the townes with the reindeer, attempting to corral the beasts. The trap must be outfitted with a special lure to work, however, and the list of lures that will attract them is somewhat limited. Professor Silax will sell you lure. You can see the various lures by typing SHOP LIST, and may purchase the one best suited for the type of reindeer you will be catching.

A special lure, the reindeer moss, is offered to help brave adventurers capture the illustrious silver reindeer, the fastest reindeer bred that did not receive neural enhancements. The reindeer have been cleared from Sigil using the traps, but the Townes of Xaventry (where you will find reindeer for levels 11-60), New Rigel (where you will find reindeer for levels 61-120), Rune (where you will find reindeer for levels 121-180), and Tellerium (where you will find reindeer for levels 181-241) are still plagued with the antlered beasts. Keep on the lookout for the lead reindeer, Charles Billingsworth III, and his fellow conspirators, Temper, Stamper, Doughnut, Mitten, Tulip, Steelwool, Stupid, and Pigeon. They have managed to make themselves immune to Professor Silax's traps and therefore must be fought to quell the reindeer resistance.

Asking Professor Silax for more 'INFORMATION' will get you a pamphlet detailing how you can help this critical endeavor suceed.

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