A Pair Of Deerskin Moccasins

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Start and End location = Templeton

Special Notes = Although it seems that any level can do this, the reward of the Moccasins and a pair of rogue-only gloves is only rewarded to a certain level range, which is presumed to be 180 and under. It may also be restricted to Rogues only, this is also unconfirmed.

First head to Augustus Park in the southeastern portion of the town. Track for a Crusty Bum or just look around; when found him he was in the Burial Chamber of Lord Templeton in the northeast corner. Kill him until you get 'a ration of food' which is fraggable, and poisoned. Then proceed into the sewers looking for the brigand lieutentant, who is in a hidden room north of a drainage pipe.

As you enter, the Brigand will ask you if you want to die.

 'Aigh!' a brigand lieutenant exclaims. 'Intruder!'
 'Do you wish to die today?' a brigand lieutenant asks.

Sayto him no, and he'll ask if you want to do a special task for him.

 You say to a brigand lieutenant, 'No'
 'Good, we will let you live if you perform a task for us.' a brigand lieutenant says to you. 'Will you cooperate?'

Tell him yes, and he will hand you a key and tell you to free a prisoner from the prisons inside of the castle, a locked door up for which is nearby. He also tells you that the prisoner requires a special ration and that the last one is being held by a bum in Augustus Park.

 'Yes' you say to a brigand lieutenant.
 'Great, take this key and open the grating in the north part of the sewers.' a brigand lieutenant says to you. 'Once inside the castle you must 
 find our gang member in his cell and bring him back to us.'
 A brigand lieutenant gives you a key.
 A brigand lieutenant says to you, 'Also you will need to locate a ration of food for the prisoner, he has a special diet and the last one I had
 was stolen by a vagrant not long ago near Augustus Park.'

Since you already killed him for the snacks, head towards the prisoner, you can track him with brigand or rogue if you need to, use 2. if needed. The prisoner is located in the dungeons of Templeton Castle, and the room description is the same for all prisoners, which means you need to actually look at each prisoner until you find him, 'a rogue prisoner'.

Hand him the ration and he will follow you, so you retrace your steps to the down into the sewers. Walk him back to the brigand lieutenant and the mini is over with an interesting ending. If criteria is met, you will be handed the rewards.

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