A Moray As Long As The Darkness Is Deep

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Location: Darksea
Levels: 241
Boss Kill: Yes, and this mob is killed to summon another boss, Uuauuru the Sliith Esker@#troll: The moray is a lower level mob, won't work for > 200.
Availability: Standard area repop, after eels in the room above are killed.
Marks: Mark of Persecution

Standard reagents, mems, and eq. My ar was 100 across the board and only died once to two lightning bolts, one happened after I had calmed.

The eels in the room before the moray pose a bigger threat than the moray itself. They are not-aggro, so you can try to spell them up, but it might not even be worth it. The eels will form and spam lightning bolt, so it is very easy to die to them. We had a form of 2 (and then 3) enter combat, cast a spell or use a skill that takes less than a round, and fled up. Slowly, but surely, they will die. This will most likely be the most difficult aspect of this boss. Once they are all dead, you are able to go down into the room with the moray.

The moray itself is not a hard fight, but the room is solitary. He is not-aggro and you are able to flee or calm. The moray bolts lightning, sometimes twice in a row for a chunk of damage (each one can hit for around 800-ish hp). It can also bolt once after a calm/flee, so beware of that if you calm. If you flee, give it a few seconds as if the bolt has a cast time before moving back down. If the eels in the room above repop, you will have to kill them again before you can go back down.

Once dead, Uuauuru the Sliith will appear and is aggro. If you are low after the moray, it is safest to just move upwards immediately.



Log: https://jsfiddle.net/2z9fnv71/

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