Weapon Attributes

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from the in game help file with additional notes from players:


In addition to the attributes referenced above, some item types have additional special attributes. They are as follows:

ACID - This weapon's surface is coated in a special acid, which can add additional damage during combat, as well as destroying an opponent's inventory.

BATTLE-RAGE - This weapon is designed specifically to provoke rage during battle from its wielder, resulting in additional damage to the opponent.

BATTERING - This weapon will crush your opponent at random, dealing occasional extra damage.

DISPELLING - This weapon has been magically enhanced to drain magical spell affects from its opponent, dispersing them into the ether. Note: this flag will dispel ALL spell affects, whether they are positive or negative.

FLAMING - This weapon will burst into flames periodically during melee combat. The flames can destroy inventory items and cause additional damage to the opponent. These flames may also blind your opponent on a low chance.

FROST - This weapon will cause frost to damage the opponent's inventory items, as well as causing additional damage.

PARRY-MAGIC - This weapon has the power to deflect projectile magical attacks, such as a magic dart or a fireball, the same way a magically-enhanced shield can.

POISONED - This weapon will poison the opponent. See HELP POISON for additional information.

SHARP - This weapon's cutting surface has been rendered incredibly sharp, either through an extremely skilled blacksmith or magical means, and will occasionally cause additional damage to the opponent.

SHOCKING - This weapon generates an electrical surge during combat and will occasionally cause lightning damage to its opponent. Electrical surges can also damage the opponent's inventory. This will also produce slight lag for an opponent when in player vs player combat.

VAMPIRIC - This weapon will drain spell points from the opponent, and give some of those spell points back to the person wielding the weapon.

VORPAL - This weapon acts similar to SHARP weapons, except the cutting is specifically magical.

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