Vir Artificing Guide

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Location: Vir
Artificer: A meditating dracon


Artificing in Vir requires that you first obtain the items above and 2 people to pull the handles. Once you have all items head to Vir


A rusty steel handle slowly rotates a half turn clockwise, with a satisfying ratcheting noise.
Finally, the pulley system opens the floodgates, and with a tremendous FOOOOSH, the dragon fountains in the center of the courtyard begin spurting water.
Strained by the rush, a rusty steel handle snaps off, falling uselessly to the ground.

You drink water from a magnificent statue.
Your hunger feels satisfied.
A pale blue haze engulfs you...

 A Pinnacle of Light                                    -      N      -
(-------------------------------------------------)     W <-U-(M)-D-> E
                                                        -      S      -

  A shaft of light pierces upwards, shattering the darkness.  This looks
less like Vir than the courtyard, but in a place of such secrets as the city
of dracons is, anything may be encountered.  The ray of light seems to
expand upwards to infinity, and downwards as well, but along the way down,
there's a strange, magical shimmering...  
A lithe dracon man sits in the lotus position, meditating peacefully.

An ancient dracon sits here.  His long legs folded under his tall frame,
arms resting against his thighs, his eyes open to tiny slits.  He looks as
if his thoughts have carried him a million miles from this physical plane. 
Perhaps you shouldn't disturb his meditation.  
He is a dracon approximately 4'11" tall.
A meditating dracon is resting.
A meditating dracon is in good health.

You peek at the inventory:

Item 'the leggings of a young dragon' is type armor, alignment 0, made of bone,
has keywords 'young dragon leggings', equipped on the legs.
This item weighs 0 stones and 44 pebbles, and is valued at 55,600 gp.
This level 241 item has the attributes: invis insulated
The leggings of a young dragon is in excellent condition.
Armor resistance is 53 pierce, 50 bash, 52 slash, and 51 exotic.
Affects saving-breath by 5.
Affects spell-points by 100.
Affects age by -5.
*Your hp must be greater than or equal to 2250 to use this item.
*Your natural proficiency in 'gas breath' must be greater than 75 to use this item.
*This item may be repaired 6 times.
Deceptively light as you pick them up, the leggings sparkle with the
iridescence of the dragon scales they are formed from.  The scales absorb
nearly all light that shines on them, rendering them nearly perfectly black.
They're quite nice leggings, form-fitting and sleek, but their
fashionability is only a secondary benefit to their use.

Location: Vir
Artificer: Deragaz, the metalsmith



Artificing with Deragaz, the metalsmith requires that you first obtain the appropriate mold for the item you want to make and the required ore. You also need to "refine" the ore by going through a series of teleport rooms with buckets in them. To get to the bucket teleports, from the refinery's entrance, go all down, 2e, n, ne, s, 2e, se, 3ne, e into CPK. Wait for teleport. After 9 teleports, you should be at a room with a bucket (mob), at which point, your ore will be refined. One more teleport will take you back to the red-hot ledge where you began. From this room, w, 3nw, n takes you to the bridge.

Once the ore is refined, walk towards the pit until you come to a bridge. From here, FLY all east (on a carpet/broom/other transportation item), not walk. If you try to walk, you might get thrown in the death traps nearby (the non-PK rooms) and lose your mold and the ore (both of which are vanish-death). Once you reach the end, just follow the path until you see the Blacksmith on scan. Sayto him staff, helm or bracer for the items you need. Each of these items can be made once per reboot.

Item 'a dragon breath bracer' is type amulet, alignment 500, made of silver (in (new) condition),
has keywords 'dragon breath bracer', equipped on the wrist.
This item weighs 0 stones and 86 pebbles, and is valued at 51,525 gold. 
This level 225 item has the attributes: identified blessed insulated unique
This amulet repels spell-points  with a success rate of 10%.
Affects saving-breath by 6.
Affects stamina by 21.
Casts the level 87 spell, 'sense life'.
*Your alignment must be greater than or equal to 500 to use this item.
*Your saving-breath must be greater than or equal to 15 to use this item.
*Your sanity must be less than or equal to 21 to use this item.
*Your spell-points must be less than or equal to 2000 to use this item. (Enforced)
*This item may be repaired 3 times and renewed 2 times.
The legendary dragon breath bracer was made from the last breath of a
dying Amber dragon.  The legendary beast no longer walks the face of the
earth as the jealous hearts of all other dragon races hunted them down into
extinction.  How this bracelet came to exist is beyond a mystery, but it
will serve its owner well.  

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