Trickiest Stuff

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Trickiest stuff

Location: Pirate Hideouts Artificer: The recruit commander Creates:

1) Obtain a bag of tricks from Xaventry quest master and a flask of whaleskin oil from Lowangen tinkergnome
2) Sail around the pirate hideouts until you find the recruit commander.  He will ask you to follow him around different hideouts.
3) Sail to the pirate hideout the commander told you.
4) Repeat step 3 until he talks to you about other things and asks for a bag of tricks.
5) Give him the bag of tricks and he'll return it to you, then put the flask of whaleskin oil in the bag of tricks.
6) Add the item you wish to artifice in the upgraded bag of tricks to create the final upgraded item.


Daggerwind Reef - Located at 2091, 1388 (Alyria), southeast of Atlantis.
Pelican's Demise - Located at 1579, 938 (Alyria), Southwest of Tellerium.
The Angry Whale - Located at 1233, 1369 (Alyria), southwest of Maldra's Keep.
Frigate's End - Located at 264, 592 (Alyria), southwest of Xaventry.

Three-Bearded Jake's - Located at 907, 823 (Underground), West of Seahag Isle.
Smuggler's Cave - Located at 1599, 838 (Underground), East-southeast of the Whirlpool.


Item 'might of the trickiest baldrics' is type amulet, alignment 460, made of energy,
has keywords 'might baldrics magical band energy etched ancient runes power artificial trickiest tricky', equipped on the arms.
This item weighs 0 stones and 23 pebbles, and is valued at 53,325 gp.
This level 241 item has the attributes: insulated nodecay no-auction will-float no-rent unique 
This item has a default lifespan of 540 days.
This amulet repels spell-points with a success rate of 9%.
Affects ar-arms by 50.
Affects ar-torso by 4.
Casts the level 180 spell, 'detect invisibility'.
*This item may be repaired 6 times and renewed 4 times.
Supreme magic users from the spatial planes from hence Vyst was ventured
were known as baldrics. To mark their standing as the cleverest of the
mighty, they wore a band of magical energy that enhanced their already mighty
powers. This band is one of those magical creations, wrought in a time and
place never seen or to be seen by mortal eyes. Small runes fade and glide
along the surface of the band, causing strange glows to highlight your

+++ might of the trickiest baldrics have, when fighting a PC opponent who
does not have the skill 'herbalism' and carries herbal mixtures, a chance to
combust up between 1 and 5 of that opponent's herbal mixtures, dealing 60
damage per mixture, at a cost of 60 stamina per mixture, with a frequency of
10% per round.

Item 'the mace of the trickiest elements' is type weapon, alignment 0, made of steel,
has keywords 'elements mace trickiest tricky'.
This item weighs 0 stones and 24 pebbles, and is valued at 52,400 gp.
This level 241 item has the attributes: insulated wont-fuse unbreakable nochange no-sac magic-resistant will-float bind-on-wear 
Weapon type is mace, does 189 points of bash damage for 3 stamina, accuracy 12.
Affects wisdom by 4.
*This item may be repaired 10 times.
This mace is beautifully crafted and forged together by only the
elemental lords themselves. The shaft is entirely made of crystal and the
head gleams with five different colors. The colors of the four blades are:
black, for Maradas; red, for Gath; blue for Ithrilis; and white for Dira.
The blades have been magically attached to a rod in the center that radiates
a pinkish hue, representing Vandyne. The blades are not physically attached
to the rod at all, but rather are suspended about a couple of milimeters off
of it. The central rod continues past the blades and forms a spike at the
top. This is the perfect choice of weapon for any druid or priest.

+++ the mace of the trickiest elements has a chance to, in combat,
activate itself with various elemental powers, contingent upon its wearer
having its corresponding mark and its wearer's opponent not having that
mark: the mace of the trickiest elements will produce a fiery effect based
on the mark of 'dragon', shocking based on 'sacrifice', drowning based on
'water', poisonous based on 'earth', and force based on 'manipulation'- in
addition, 200-400 damage of the corresponding type will be done to the
opponent, at a rate of 3.5%, or twice that if its wearer has the mark of
+++ the mace of the trickiest elements will, when used, summon Thillius the
damned, once every Alyrian year.

Item 'a tricky onyx amulet' is type amulet, alignment -670, made of stone,
has keywords 'tricky onyx pendant trickiest'.
This item weighs 0 stones and 24 pebbles, and is valued at 25,200 gp.
This level 64 item has the attributes: insulated unbreakable magic-resistant no-npc 
This amulet alters leech-damage (witch-fire) with a success rate of 95%.
There are 660 charges remaining bound within a tricky onyx amulet.
Affects knowledge by 2.
*This item may be repaired 7 times.
Tiny chain links form the necklace onto which the onyx disc that powers this
amulet is hung.  The disc is not particularly heavy, but its weight seems to
change, cycling between heavier and lighter every few seconds, but not so
much as to be immediately obvious, or even determinably existant.  The disc
has orcish words stabbed into its front and backside, arranged in no obvious
manner, and not approaching readability.  Not many non-orcs know the
language, and even contemporary orcs probably couldn't decipher the text;
however, it must be noted that the magic that the runes confer is still
active, despite their illegibility.

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