The Incarnation Of Death

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Location: Ethereal Void or Random Area
Boss Kill:


The room of the incarnation of death can be found 5u, s of the room of Morded the Damned. Get someone to die Go to the void, go to his room, finish him off. Must use fire damage


You focus your powers of observation on a Scythe of Soul Rending:
Item 'a Scythe of Soul Rending' is type weapon, alignment 0, made of unknown-alloy (in (new) condition),
has keywords 'scythe soul rending', equipped wielded as a weapon.
This item weighs 4 stones and 0 pebbles, and is valued at 54,400 gold. {Cat. 6}
This level 241 item has the attributes: nodrop noremove no-auction nouncurse unbreakable magic-resistant vanish-death nochange no-dispel no-save will-float no-rent no-steal unlockerable
Weapon type is scythe, does 183 points of slash damage for 2 stamina, accuracy 15.
With your knowledge of 'scythe', this weapon can cause up to 610 points of damage (+12% weight bonus) against 0 ar.
Excepting defenses and dynamic modifiers, you will hit 98% of the time.
Special weapon attributes: sharp
Affects accuracy by 4.
When casting delay reincarnation, increases duration by 8 minutes.
When wielding a scythe, increases damage by 66%.
*Your archon-level must be greater than or equal to 100 to use this item.
*This item may be repaired 6 times.
This is part of the 'That of Death' set.
You are currently wearing 1 of 2 items from the set.
- Item 'a death shroud'
* Item 'a Scythe of Soul Rending'
Grants knowledge of 'delay reincarnation' at 100% (Requires 2 items).
Affects negative-prcnt by 12 (Requires 2 items).
Grants knowledge of 'enervation' at 100% (Requires 2 items).
Casts the level 100 spell, 'harrow' (Requires 2 items).
The scythe's handle is made of smooth blonde wood, pitted in a quite a few
places from what you assume must be years and years of frequent use.  The
blade is mind-numbingly sharp, so sharp that the edges almost seem to glow.  

+++ a Scythe of Soul Rending has a chance, in combat, to cast 'kill' on
its wielder's opponent, at a rate of 50% per combat round. 

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