The Chamois Of Darkness

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Location: Hellbent Mountain from Verity Isle
Levels: 1-60 (?)
Boss Kill: 1-60 (?)
Marks: None

The chamois of darkness is located in Hellbent Mountain in a room called Barren Canyon. It is a first class boss, accessible via the the entrance to Hellbent through Verity Isle (see also: Tower of Riga). You can reach Hellbent via Verity by going to the very southeast corner of the map, with all the white dots. It is suspended on a small separate island. This mob is located in CPK, and levitation is needed even to gain access to the zone. Prepare to go slowly if you do not have dodge, as most of the rooms located on this floor of the mountain having boulders falling down. There are also wizards who magic bomb rooms occasionally.

This boss can be solo'd by a first class warrior without too much issue, but it does chunk damage when it leeches. Come prepared with levitation (although potions can be purchased from a vendor at the entrance to the zone), so you're able to leave. This NPC is not immune to bash and primarily deals negative energy damage. It is buffed with fireshield and sanctuary. The entrance to the cave is a hidden west with an NPK north and an up. This room with the NPK north entrance and the up is a death trap. It's also how you can leave the area after you finish killing the boss.

This boss will passively leech you for a lot of health. Flee south if you see it casting and you are low, or to avoid a nuke.

The chamois of darkness brushes its fingertips against you. You feel strangely lethargic and winded as the chamois of darkness saps your life-force.

With the healing, a formation is recommended so that someone is at all times in combat with the boss to help with its regeneration. Soloable, albeit lengthy fight otherwise. Flee on casts if you're puny, or get a formation to make it easier. When the chamois gets lower health, he appears to start leeching more.

Did not drop loot besides trophies.

The chamois of darkness has been slain!
Your lightning bolt reduces the chamois of darkness to a smoldering heap of goo.
Your blood freezes as you hear the chamois of darkness's death cry.
As you kill the chamois of darkness, the effect of 2 affects originating from it are reduced in death.
You receive 0 experience points.
Uny'yun tells you 'You have killed 1 bosses in CPK.'
You have killed a new boss, the chamois of darkness.
You have killed 15 bosses since your last PK.
You gain 14 practices!
You feel more lighthearted.
the chamois of darkness gives you 833,321 gold coins.
The chamois of darkness collapses lifeless to the ground.
The severed head of the chamois of darkness falls to the ground.

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