Terrain Types

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A list of diggable terrain types:

indoors - sheltered
city street - hard, diggable 
grassy field - diggable, plains 
light forest - wooded, diggable 
hills - diggable, plains 
mountainous - hard, climbable, diggable 
shallow water - swimmable, water_drinkable, diggable 
deep water - swimmable, water_drinkable, fishable 
swamp - poison_gas, diggable 
air - nothing 
desert - diggable 
paved road - hard, diggable 
underwater - swimmable, water_drinkable, underwater 
dusty road - diggable 
gravel road - diggable 
craggy mountain - hard, climbable, diggable, copper_mineable 
sheer mountain - hard, climbable, diggable, silver_mineable 
plain - diggable, plains 
snow - diggable, freezing, slippery 
ice - diggable, hard, slippery, freezing 
glacier - diggable, hard, slippery, freezing, salt_mineable 
beach - diggable 
stream - swimmable, water_drinkable, diggable, slippery, shallow, fishable 
cliff - climbable, copper_mineable 
chasm - climbable 
slippery floor - sheltered, slippery, hard, diggable 
mossy ground - diggable, slippery, plains 
dense forest - diggable, wooded 
foothills - climbable, hard, diggable, iron_mineable 
trail - diggable, plains 
jungle - diggable, wooded 
savannah - diggable, wooded 
rocky ground - hard, diggable 
void - nothing 
salt water - sailable 
dungeon - sheltered, hard, diggable 
lava - fire, diggable 
underwater-ground - diggable, swimmable, water_drinkable, underwater 
hay-ground - diggable, plains 
acid-pool - swimmable, acid 
mountain-road - hard, diggable 
bridge - hard, slippery 
fresh-water-sailable - sailable, water_drinkable, fishable 
fresh-water-swimmable - swimmable, diggable, water_drinkable, fishable, shallow 
ship-only salt water - sailable, ship_only

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