Spell Checks And Saves

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Direct from Duende, a compiled list of the exact check and saves of each spell:

 fungal growth                ACID
 acid blast                   ACID
 hands of wind                AIR
 buffet                       AIR
 air blast                    AIR
 evocation smoke              AIR
 evocation air                AIR
 conjure boulder              BASH
 necrotic explosion           BASH
 tremor                       BASH
 lightning breath             BREATH
 frost breath                 BREATH
 gas breath                   BREATH
 acid breath                  BREATH
 fire breath                  BREATH
 ice wind                     COLD
 icebolt                      COLD
 chill touch                  COLD
 iceball                      COLD
 frost                        COLD        PARALYZE
 evocation ice                COLD        PARALYZE
 ice whip                     COLD        SVS
 plague                       DISEASE
 irritation                   DISEASE
 landslide                    EARTH
 telekinetic wave             ENERGY
 multiply magic               ENERGY
 fatigue                      ENERGY
 deafen                       ENERGY
 thunderclap                  ENERGY
 magic missile                ENERGY
 recharge item                ENERGY
 flintstrike                  FIRE
 ember carom                  FIRE
 spark                        FIRE
 flame wind                   FIRE
 firebolt                     FIRE
 fireball                     FIRE
 evocation fire               FIRE
 high explosive               FIRE
 reflective fireball          FIRE        SVS
 extinction                   HARM
 cause serious                HARM
 cause light                  HARM
 cause critical               HARM
 evocation steam              HARM
 harm                         HARM
 soul sacrifice               HARM
 electrogenic growth          LIGHTNING
 lightning bolt               LIGHTNING
 shocking grasp               LIGHTNING
 evocation lightning          LIGHTNING
 call lightning               LIGHTNING
 energy orb                   LIGHTNING        ENERGY
 chain lightning              LIGHTNING        SVS
 teleview                     MENTAL
 confusion                    MENTAL
 disrupt sight                MENTAL
 telesmatic force             MENTAL
 insanity                     MENTAL
 telekinetic punch            MENTAL
 telekinetic bash             MENTAL
 telekinetic pierce           MENTAL
 telekinetic slash            MENTAL
 spook                        MENTAL
 forget                       MENTAL
 berserker rage               MENTAL
 induce aggression            MENTAL
 immobilize                   MENTAL
 mental disruption            MENTAL
 read aura                    MENTAL
 telekinetic explosion        MENTAL        SVS
 shadow light                 MOONLIGHT
 enervation                   NECROMANTIC
 etheric pollution            NECROMANTIC
 siphon                       NECROMANTIC
 famine                       NECROMANTIC
 energy drain                 NECROMANTIC
 malignancy                   NECROMANTIC
 hinder magic                 NECROMANTIC
 dampening field              NECROMANTIC
 glare of the crocodile       NECROMANTIC
 impede movement              NECROMANTIC
 slow magic                   NECROMANTIC
 weaken                       NECROMANTIC        PARALYZE
 delay reincarnation          NEGATIVE
 disjunction                  NEGATIVE
 nightmares                   NEGATIVE
 faerie fire                  NEGATIVE
 soothing nocturne            NEGATIVE
 plodding fugue               NEGATIVE
 malediction                  NEGATIVE
 jinx                         NEGATIVE
 evil eye                     NEGATIVE
 kill                         NEGATIVE        PETRIFY
 leech                        NEGATIVE, VARIABLE
 binding curse                OTHER
 curse                        OTHER
 desecrate armor              OTHER
 calm                         OTHER
 hex                          OTHER
 aura cleansing               OTHER
 sleep                        OTHER        PARALYZE
 antimagic web                PARALYZE
 mesmerize                    PARALYZE
 hinder                       PARALYZE
 curse weapon                 PARALYZE
 evocation earth              PARALYZE
 slow                         PARALYZE
 web                          PARALYZE
 mass sleep                   PARALYZE
 abjure                       PETRIFY
 silence                      PETRIFY
 stone curse                  PETRIFY
 evocation ooze               PETRIFY
 poison                       POISON
 flare                        SUNLIGHT
 blindness                    SUNLIGHT
 color spray                  SUNLIGHT
 dispel magic                 SVS        OTHER
 channel faith                VARIABLE
 waterspout                   WATER
 evocation water              WATER

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