Orc Quests

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Location: Dungeon Wroth
Levels: minimum level 90+
Rewards: up to 6 didactic parchments, or several spell/skill manuals (not bound, but matching your current class level)
Main Objective: Return a body part of a designated NPC to the Orc in Dungeon Wroth in under 45 minutes
Duration: 1 orc quest per 2 hours, real life time

1. Purchase a heavy, leatherbound bookcover (~100k gp) or a soft, leatherbound bookcover (~30k gp) from Marmum's School of Magic in New Rigel (from town square, go all east, all north, 2 west, south, east into shop)
2. Check reagents and spell up
3. Have a jasper or other way to get to the faerie plane handy in case you have to trek there for the quest, which can be pretty frequently

1. Head to Dungeon Wroth
2. From the entrance, go: south, 6 west, 2 south, west, all south, 3 east, 4 north, west, down and wait for a teleport.
3. Once you teleport, you will now find yourself inside the Orc Maze. If you want to get out, or start over, you may word of recall, recall home or clan gohall at any time from inside the maze.
4. Navigate the maze looking for a portal.

Special Notes:

5. Once you find the portal, enter it.
6. Go south, and the orc will speak to you in an orcish language. Sayto orc yes, then nod orc
7. The orc will say something to you, and within the line you will be able to see the name of an NPC and a location written in english. Identify these 2 things and record them somewhere for future reference.
You nod at the orc pursuer.
The orc pursuer looks about furtively.
'Ekai Nosrat Sulla Garha "a telekinetic rat", Setama Sulla "Isle of the Sea Hag", Ekass Armas Thran Bel Dinas.' the orc pursuer says. 'Nohsa Sulla Amata.'

8. Go north, enter portal, and you will be back on the 1st floor of Wroth. Go west, south, all east, north to exit Wroth.
9. Journey to the area indicated by the orc.
10. Locate the NPC and kill it. Gather a body part (any body part that drops will work) and immediately bless it, if you can. Casting bless on the body part will help prolong it's life.
11. The body part will rot quickly, so hurry back to Wroth, return to the maze, and navigate your way back into the portal. Do this as quickly as possible! There are reports that the longer you take, the less rewards you will receive.
12. Enter the portal, go south and give the body part to the orc. He will hand you several didactic parchments or skill/spell manuals. If you receive didactic parchments, place them immediately into your book cover (they decay rather quickly.) If you receive manuals you may use them yourself, auction them, sell them in a bazaar shop, give them to someone else or use/save them for the hopeless romantic mini-quest in Lowangen.

Tips & Tricks

Mapping the Maze with Food

Use the 'create food' system to help navigate the maze:
a blueberry Danish - Down
a tender turnip - Up
a hunk of cheese - East
a Waybread - West
Several juicy clamS - South
a Nice piranha filet - North

Some people drop coins in the maze, however this method can be confusing because the teleport drops you anywhere in the maze. You might travel in one direction, encounter a single coin, think that's the wrong way and turn around, but really the person who dropped that single coin may have put it there coming from the opposite direction.

We strongly recommend using the food system! While the food can be picked up by orcs and sometimes decay, if people keep up with it and help keep the map in place, then it can work for several hours at a time.

Good luck!

(Note: I drop coins at intersections, to map the place (using a script), and hence to get an idea of where I am, and where I want/don't want to go. I don't have the create food spell.)

Underdawg doesn't have food so he makes an arrow with coins - two coins in one room, then one coin in the next. The single coin is the direction pointer

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