New Alyrian Order

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Information for Clan New Alyrian Order (Tribe):
Title: ::xXx::
Motto: Yeah, that just happened.
Creation Date: Mon Jun 22 21:29:56 1998
Owner(s): Ronfar, Dragish, Xane, Krim
Members: 30/31
Ronfar         Lillith        Dragish        Krim           Kuwabara       
Morlack        Xane           Bing           Bougie         Caro           
Chromatus      Lasse          Stakker        Lonar          Lemming        
Yulin          Ixy            Switch         Damodred       Nebula         
Larean         Insanity       Archie         Gianna         Smyrna         
Luchtloper     Kurr           Aarons         Ledatic        Zygil          
Favored Religion: Gath (23% Homogenous)
Gemstone Balance: 79,451     Gold Balance: 30,726    
Reputation: 2994 (Benevolent)
Allied: Member of Order of Chaos Alliance [2] since Mon Oct 19 00:11:27 2009.
::You may think we are the same::
    ::But we are very far apart::
        ::Blood lust is where our passion is::
            ::And there is violence in our hearts::
        ::We will feed upon your weaknesses::
            ::And soon you'll lose the will to care::
                ::When you return to the place you call home::
                    ::We will be there..::
                ::On hands and knees::
                    ::We Crawl::
                        ::You cannot stop us all::
                            ::Our blood, Our ways, will never leave this place::
Currently recruiting.  Contact Xane or Krim via i-mail or in-game.
If you're an active player who isnt a douche and is interested in learning pk/runs and you want to be in an active clan that has the quickest response times when you need help or assistance.  A clan with a good group of active people.  Also be a part of the currently strongest alliance in the game.  Please contact the names listed above via i-mail with some info about yourself and why you think you deserve a [::xXx::] next to your name.
* Alliance members receive a 75% resurrect bonus.
* Alliance members receive a 26% questpoints bonus.
* Alliance members receive a 26% experience bonus.
* Alliance members receive a 12% regeneration bonus.
-When contacting me instead of crap about yourself and stuff, just give me 5 reasons why I am the most awesome person you have ever heard of. -Krim.
Clan Mortality Statistics:
* NPCs slain by members: [1820416]   Members slain by NPCs:         [17518  ]
* LPKs by clan members:  [13608  ]   Members LPKed:                 [11454  ]
* NPKs by clan members:  [9172   ]   Members NPKed:                 [7518   ]
* CPKs by clan members:  [342    ]   Members CPKed:                 [274    ]
* PKs out of normal PK:  [1958   ]   Members PKed out of normal PK: [2008   ]

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