Mark Of Monk

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This quest [3307] is called 'The Solemn Martial Artist', for Adventurers levels 241 to 250.
This is a TUTORIAL. It provides no rewards, but teaches you about Alyria.
As a monk, your goal is to seek enlightenment.  You begin this journey by
forsaking your possessions and your vanity.  Through rigorous discipline and
practice with your martial arts, you will progress towards your goal of
enlightenment.  Prove that you have the skills and dedication for this!  
Tutorial quests do not grant rewards.
This quest has no time limit.
*Your class must be equal to monk to undertake and complete this quest.
*Your inventory-space must be greater than or equal to 5st, 0pb to perform this quest. (Enforced)
The Solemn Martial Artist consists of:
Phase 1: Possess the Mark of Reality [175-241]: Use the services of a floating guru near the mountain. 
Phase 2: Possess the Mark of Divination [145-241]: Begin by slaying a watery beast for its magical dowsing rod. 
Phase 3: Possess the Mark of Alchemy [1-241]: Visit the local herbalism supplier in Vospire. 
Phase 4: Possess the Mark of Baldness [1-241]: In Lowangen, use the scalping services of a special kind of mage dedicated to the magic of hair. 
Phase 5: Recover the fleet bo of a weaponsmaster [Vir].
Phase 6: Recover a rice paper ringlet from the master of the drunken monkey [Lowangen].
Phase 7: Visit a buried monk [Hellbent Mountain].
Phase 8: Visit the hermit monk.
Phase 9: Visit a submerged monk.
Phase 10: Defeat a stone golem [Kessarian's Dungeon] [Group].
Phase 11: Defeat an iron golem [Group].
Phase 12: Possess the Mark of Thaumaturgy [241-241]: Fuse two mighty items in a coastal holy temple. 
Phase 13: Complete 10 Quests for Lord Vendredi [Sigil].
Phase 14: Visit Mirogen [Atlantis].
Phase 15: Visit Cloudchaser Verena.

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