Mark Of Cirrhosis

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Location: Gilvery
Level: 241

In Gilvery, go to "Pigs in a Stover" (the bar) and find Rhakelle, Gilvery's hometown drunk. Start giving her different types of alcohol (you'll need 27). Each container must contain a unique liquid, otherwise it won't work. For example, "A bottle of sparkling champagne" and "A glass of champagne" both contain fluid 'champagne', so it will only count as one. This mark does not grant practices, quest points, building points, etc. It gives 500 AP. Complete all 27 different types of alcohol for the mark.

Below is a list of different items that have worked:

Note of Caution: I was hoping I wouldn't have to add this but since it has come up more than twice, I might as well: If you have a portable glassware armoire full of plates, be careful not to give it to Rhakelle accidentally by spamming "give glass rhakelle" because you will not get it back and it does not count as an alcohol either.

For particularly rare alcohols such as the bordeaux, 'chardonnay', or amontillado you can also buy A wine-soaked scroll from Randol's Fine Wines in New Rigel and use it to create wine fountains, then fill a water skin. But you won't be able to select the type of liquid the spell will create, so you may need to buy multiple before you get the desired liquid.

Note: There may be a bug or random factor for every player, where any 1-3 of the "legitimate" alcohols from the above list won't work. For example, slimy-mold-juice (rusty iron bucket) didn't work for one player, but for another player it did. Best thing is to try collect all types so you don't have to make multiple trips to Gilvery.

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