Lord Alymar - Old Kolvir Museum

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Availability: Unconfirmed ~6 hours. Initiating this run makes Lord Alymar unavailable until THIS run repops.

Recommended form: A unique characteristic of this run is that it's difficulty appears to vary randomly. I suggest 5 archons. Anyone with less than about 2500 hp will have to take special precautions on this run.

Other info: As with Lord Alymar, the entirety of this run is in CPK. Prepare accordingly. This guide assumes knowledge of the Lord Alymar run.


For reasons to be explained later, healing items can be extremely useful on parts of this run. Anyone who has and can use a Decayed Werewolf Canine will want to bring one. Multipled crystal balls, moonstone cabos, etc can also help to a lesser extent.

I suggest one herbalist be designated to mix ~10 calms and be responsible for calming when necessary.

An Artifact of Old Kolvir is required to initiate this run and must be obtained from the Curious Children about town who are known to pick them up to play with. Alligators below the moat are also known to drop them.

Psonics should bring plenty of focusing crystals to maintain Cancellation (see below) and Nullification

"Super" Lord Alymar Encounter

Notate bene

Give Lord Alymar an Artifact of Old Kolvir. He will happily take it and begin talking about the good old days. He will open up an exit down into his basement where he will challenge you to a fight. Before the fight he is going to trade in his normal equipment for powerful new items. One of the most interesting parts of this run is that he can choose from between 1 and 6 items to wear in any combination. (I have theorized that he wears more gear for larger forms but have not tested enough to know for certain). What gear he chooses will greatly alter the difficulty level of the fight. From memory some of these pieces in descending order of the trouble they cause:

The flail is by far the most troublesome to deal with and deserves it's own paragraph. When he has the flail, in combat he will randomly raise it to prevent almost all casting in the room. He hits hard enough and casts enough damage spells to take the tank out if no one is healing. Canines can be life savers when the flail is up. I suggest having yours in inventory or even wielded if you can spare the hand slot. If the tank drops too low, use as necessary. Calming while the flail is up is to be avoided because it does not disable the backfiring script and now surging sleep (or zot for heros) is a very real and troublesome possibility. Take advantage of the time when the flail is down to fully heal the tank and apply debuffs.

After Alymar is done gearing up he will walk southeast and wait. The entire basement is no-magic with the exception of the southeast and north rooms. Make final preparations in the North room. When ready, walk into the southeast and put up cancellation and nullification. Alymar will say a few final words and then attack the last person in the room. Be prepared to calm quickly and have the tank attack. The battle here will be straightforward. He has moderate hp. He will cast debuffs on anyone in the formation. Regularly he will cast archon form damage spells. Keep the tank healed fully. Calm to maintain cancellation and nullification whenever possible. Have a knave feign love him just prior to or following the calm to make things even safer. If he sneaks through a HoW??, calm, reform the tank, and commence. When you get Alymar to about 10% he will give up and pass his key to someone in the form.

The remainder of the guide requires revision

Once you have Alymar's key, unlock the down from him. You need 3 rods to get past the next area.

Rod 1: From down from alymar go E, SE, E, SE, S, W. You will find the doctor sotte. He'll ask you to solve intercepts of a quadratic equation. In case you don't know how to solve quadratic equations, the intercepts will be two numbers that add up to the second number of the equation and are factors of the third number.

for example:

Dr. Sotte says to you, 'The problem is this, I need to know the intercepts: x^2 + 12x + 20 = 0'

You say to Dr. Sotte, 'The intercepts are 10 and 2'
'EUREKA!' Dr. Sotte exclaims. 'Thank you!'
Dr. Sotte drops a long meteorite rod as he skips out of the room.

Rod 2: Go into the locked room southwest and fight the wench. Aim is to stay alive until she stops combat. It's a test of endurance, not strength. She'll give up and drop a key + rod when you have survived long enough. This is the rod you need for the next rod.

Rod 3: back again from down from alymar go E, SE, E, NE, SE, E, NE, 2S, W, SW. You should be at an enclosed alcove with a xylophone in the room. Wield the cursed rod (the one you got from the wench, not the one from the quadratic equation) and use xylophone A/B/C/D/E/F/G then wait for the oscilloscope and the new line reading to be equal and harmonize.

The two lines on the oscilloscope harmonize, and a mechanical click is heard from somewhere in side a glass xylophone.
A small hole in the ceiling snaps open, and a meteorite rod slips through, landing balanced on edge.
A meteorite rod teeters and falls on a glass xylophone, smashing it to pieces.

Khelek Encounter:

When you have all the rods, go find the down around north of this section and use rod. Go down. On this level is Khelek. He casts web, disjunction, confusion and all sorts of witch spells on all form members, but apparently he can be counterspelled. He'll also run away couple of times. Find him and finally defeat him. He drops a glass key. This key can be used to proceed to Teshi's level or unlock any of the 4 hidden-long-description containers that contain: the skullcap of a demented barbarian, a vitriolic naginata, a pointed breath of glass, and a stained glass shield.

Teshi Encounter:

Kill mobs such as snarfugle northish, and then eel, and go southwestish. form gets deafened, use emotes. Teshi summons. Blind mobs and then re-engage.

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