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Keys and what they unlock:

Begora's Sanctuary
Frost Giant's Keep
a burnished silver collarA hermit?
a large iron keyA hermit, An elderly giant?
a large silver keyA spectral guard, The frost giant queenDoor north of the queen
a Remorhaz scaleA remorhazDoor west of him
Jalur Lumber Camp
Ogre Village
Old Stargazer Clan Hall
an inn key to room #KlinnInn rooms
an inn keyAddison Fink, the innkeeperInn rooms
a house keyA content citizen?
a fizzing lead keyThe alchemist's faithful servantUnlocks the door into the alchemist at the top of the tower.
a keyA brigand lieutenant?
the key of the deadThe spirit of Lord Templeton?
a bloody keyThanatosisHidden west in The Royal Bedroom on the second floor to the Alchemist
a golden-plated keyAn alchemistLocked north on the second floor hallway to The Royal Armory
a key enchanted with an ancient benedictionThanatosisTellerium prison miniquest
Catacombs of Shame
The Fishing Village of Dorathon
The Hamlet of Winton
The Village of Muldar Lohk Mulvar
a small steel keyA stout gateguardBefore a Wooden Palisade - The door east
Tower of Aroxa
a blackened metal key??
a blackened metal key??
a blackened metal key??
a blackened metal key??
a blackened metal key??

Emperor's Crossroads
a chambermaid's keyA meek looking serving boy?
Mount Vesuvius
a small key of marbleWyglif the Wise?
a strange keyAn elemental paladin?
a brilliant white keySyrazic?
a glowing red keyPythax?
a shining yellow keyStepha?
a flat basalt keyZizziks?
Old Amaunet Clan Hall
Old Armageddon Clan Hall
Palace of Diocletian
a used wooden key??
unicorn keydelicate jewelry boxhidden east in the gallery
a large golden keyThe King of Vospire?
the lair keyThe Ash DragonThe door to the ash dragon
a key enchanted with an ancient benedictionThe WardenTellerium prison miniquest

Pirates Cove
Maldra Keep
Dungeon Deceit
Chanctonbury Woods
The Indestructible Cenotaphy
The Village of Colyon
The Village of Mulakanathos
Xalt, Unseelie Outpost

a key enchanted with an ancient benedictionThe prison captainTellerium Prison miniquest
The key to Tyr's coffin??
Hydra's Den
a thin, brittle keyA newborn xorn-hydra crossbreed?
An Abandoned Lighthouse
a tarnished brass keyThe ghost of Jack?
A key??
Towne Of Rune
Griffon Hotel Room # KeyDesk ClerkHotel doors
a brass key??
a camelhair paintbrush??
a golden key??
a standard room keySathanNaughties room in the Lonely Dragon Inn
ornate, silver, heart-shaped key??
Runic Castle
a bar of chocolateThe Court Jestersw courtyard door
a convoluted key??
a large iron keyA castle attendantcastle wall corner doors
Focault's Residence
a black key??
a skeleton key??
an iron key??
Temple Crypt
a tarnished silver keyThe pit fiend?
Rune Graveyard
a black onyx key??
a faceted mithril key??
a shimmering key??
a small silver key??
a stone key??
a tarnished copper key??
a wisp of fog??
a worn iron key??
an iron crowbar??
New Kolvir
a glass key??
a heavy, mahogany key??
a small obsidian key??
New Rigel
a keyInnkeepersInn rooms
a room keyMacafeeInn room
a ceramic key??
a copper-plated wooden key??
a courtroom key??
a crimson key??
a crystal key decorated with boulderspriest of maradastemple of maradas
a crystal key decorated with cyclones??
a crystal key decorated with flames??
a crystal key decorated with nothingness??
a crystal key decorated with waves??
a glass key??
a gold-plated wooden key??
a porcelain key??
a prison cell key??
a ruby keyThe lost cavernstemple of maradas
a rusted iron key??
a sapphire keyThe lost cavernstemple of maradas
a shiny brass key??
a silver-plated wooden key??
a small brass key??
a small copper inn key??
a small inn key??
a small iron inn key??
a small temple keypriest of maradstemple of maradas
a wooden inn key??
a wooden key??
an emerald key??
an inn key??
an iron gate key??
an obsidian key??
Lonely Dragon Inn
frothing unicorn hornfrothing unicorna delicate jewelry box
Dungeon Wroth
a golden keyDisplacer beastDoor to the second floor
a red keya titanChest in the miners area
a white key??
a skull key?Chests on second floor
a silver keyThe High Priest of the Portal?
an iron key??
Dungeon Avarice
a bloody key made of bone??
a collector's keyA frost giant child?
a huge bone key??
an ice covered key??
large key made of bone??
small bloody key??
Mandrake Woods
a rusty prison key??
an iron key??
Shadow Castle
a cold black stone brick??
a cold black stone key??
a large bone key??
an ancient iron key??
small ethereal key??
Tavern of the boars
a small silver key??
Tower of art
a golden key??
a house key??
shiny key??
a skeleton key??
a small silver key??
a strange key??

Fairie Plane:
a key of deceptionThe elder?
a black metal keyA covert operations special agent?
a key enchanted with an ancient benedictionThe prison wardenTellerium prison miniquest
Eanoss Azelmar
a small crystalline keySonatari?
Engineers Exclave
Human Outpost
a room keyThe Faerie Inn innkeeper?
a suite keyThe Faerie Inn innkeeper?
a small keyThe Faerie Inn innkeeper?
a heavy silver keyAn entrance guard?
a trunk keyThe head cavern guard?
Seelie Castle
a large keyAn overlord of Seelie?
a copper keyA senior advisor of Seelie?
a tiny keyA wise advisor?
Unseelie Castle
a dirty black keyThe warden of Unseelie Castle?
a rusted keyGeneral Hesieno?
a key enchanted with an ancient benediction?Tellerium Prison Miniquest

Great Alyrian Underground:
Bartlett's Summer Retreat
Hotel Hello
Isle of The Sea Hag
Kessarian's Dungeon
Smuggler's Cave
Smuggler's Gulch
The Chattering Skull Tavern
The Sacred Temple of the Tentacle Cult of Metonychoseuthis, with Swiveling Hooks
The Seeress' Fogchamber
Three-Bearded Jake's
Towne of Decara

Sigil Underground:
A Fiery Catwalk
A Ghost Town
A Labyrinthine Molehill
Bandit Camp
a small steel keyHesario the Bandit KingRoom to the right with the ill gypsy girl in
a closet keyProfessor Ordunvec?
a key with a skull and crossbonesProfessor Ordunvec?
a key with a skull and crossbonesFiron?
Gourevitch's Hideaway
Gypsy Village
The Remnants of a Caldera
Troglodyte Village
a prison cell keyA robust guard?
a guard's keyA troglodyte guardian, Chief Craggma Oog?

Miscellaneous Locations:
?? ?? Down at back of main deck (ship through glacial wall)
Arcane Archipelago
A Forsaken Oil Well
An Abandoned Oil Well
Hellbent Mountain
Irda Isle
Irda Isle Caverns
The Proving Grounds
Domain of Arbaces
Strange Ruins
Stronghold Of The Garbool Tribe
The Saucy Wench Tavern
The Wandering Sidhe
Tower of Riga
Wreck of the Fiesty Wench

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