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The base 241 armor for items is as follows for all armor slots, this means that unless an item is modified it can be assumed to have the following properties if it is level 241:

Head:        68/65/67/66
On Body:     32/31/32/31
Around Body: 25/25/25/25 
As Shield:   06/05/06/05
Torso Total: 63/61/63/61
On Legs:     53/50/52/51
On Feet:     12/11/12/11 
Legs Total:  65/61/64/62
On Arms:     53/50/52/51
On Hands:    12/11/12/11
Arms Total:  65/61/64/62
On Tail:     68/65/67/66
On Wings(x2) 32/31/32/31

It can be assumed that all archons will have spectral auras (+9) giving us:

Head:        77/74/76/75
Torso Total: 72/70/72/70
Legs Total:  74/70/73/71
Arms Total:  74/70/73/71
On Tail:     77/74/76/75
On Wings(x2) 73/71/73/71

Everyone can get armor(+3) , and you should be able to get stone skin and shield through neverwhen at least (+6 and +8) for at least 17 additional armor, this puts us at:

Head:        94/91/93/92
Torso Total: 89/87/89/87
Legs Total:  91/87/90/88
Arms Total:  91/87/90/88
On Tail:     94/91/93/92
On Wings(x2) 90/88/90/88

Most class paths will have better armor than this via higher level shield and stone skin, and additional +ar options such as ES, combat blink, telekinetic shield, and shadow armor.

But assuming the worst case, you need another 13 armor which you can obtain by selecting from:

Relatively common stuff:

Band of Vandemaar (+3 ar)
Deathhead bracelet (+2 ar)
Thumb Ring of Clarity and Power (+4)
Uzbaki Cloak (+3)
Ring of Hope (+3)
Scaly Sleeves of a Green Dragon (+3)
Demon Uniform (+2)
Cape of Terror (+2)
Bracelet of the Elements (+2 is now default again)
Gloves of Alchemy (+2)
Dracolich Claws (+3)
Bloodbane gauntlets (+2, now insulated)
Veldra's Silken Gloves (+2)
Huruk's Soul (+2)
A bracelet of Streaming Water (+3)
A set of dracon cymbals (+3)

PK clan Members/duelists:

Codpiece (+3 ar)
Quest Jhepps (forge to +4 ar)

More expensive stuff:

Hedona Buckler (+3)
Hedonna Helm (+3)
A bracer of the unified elements (+3)
Might of the trickiest baldrics (+4 torso-ar)
Pantaloons bearing an icon of a priestess of the Hungry Implementors (+5 torso-ar)


Current accuracy calculations, if help file is accurate, as of 28th of Jan 2019.
Accuracy is computed as follows:
  from a baseline of 0,
  +half of the learned skill, up to a maximum of 37,
  +3 acc for learned skill mastery,
  +3 accuracy for 100% weapon comprehension,
  +(agility+1) / 2,
  +every point of strength above 20,
  +(personality + 5)/10,
  +((luck+2) / 4) - 2,
  +1 if riding and possessing the riding skill,
  +4 if riding and using a lance, or +5 if riding is mastered,
  +every point of strength or wisdom above 20, whichever is greater,
  +2/3 for every point of +acc granted via equipment or affects,
  -the blindness penalty,
  -20% if affected by blue cough,
  if a weapon is wielded:
      +the wielded weapon's accuracy,
      -15 acc for every formation member standing in front of a long range
          weapon wielder,
      +5 for shooting enchanted arrows,
      +weapon skill's complexity/30,
      +martial arts'% / 4
  then constrained to between 1-98, or 1-90 if gnome.
  combat, attack, equipment, affects, identify, blind fighting,
  detect magic, riding, cunning strike, combat focus

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