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Traversing the The Proving Grounds to get to the Domain of Arbaces

The trip down The Proving Grounds can take a long time (1 hour +) or can be as quick as 15 minutes. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to move through the dungeon quickly. Take your time, move slowly and carefully, and be patient. Check who dungn and where as often as possible, to check to see if someone is following you to try to NPK/CPK you. If you are unsure if a person is in The Proving Grounds with you, try tracking their name.

The goal is to get down to level 23, which is where the Domain of Arbaces entrance is located. There are two entrances to the Domain of Arbaces - a down leading to the door into the Domain of Arbaces, and a portal which takes you to the door. You will save a lot of time and headache if you can use tracking. If your path does not come with tracking, highly consider purchasing a tracking amulet.

To get to level 23, track the mob aurophaganax or puddle. If one does not work, then try the other, alternating between the two. Both these mobs can be found on levels 22 and 23 (there are no unique mobs between 22 and 23) but it will get you into the vicinity. Keep detect illusion on at all times, and if you get to a room with no exit, try digging or searching for the door.

There are a few rooms which are no-track within the dungeon. Move into another room to try it again if it keeps failing. You can also command stack calm;track puddle so that as soon as you calm on an aggro mob, you can fire tracking right before it aggros you again. This is a good technique to keep moving in the correct direction.

The ice levels have filled with a large amount of blizzards. These mobs are nothing but a pain, and will form against you and aggro repeatedly and quickly. Do not flee blindly! Or you will end up dead because many rooms in a row can be filled with aggressive blizzards. In other words, try to keep calming and tracking, and keep yourself at full health at all times. Heal yourself up to full at every chance you get.

Once you get to level 22, you can keep trying to track the two mobs to try to get down onto 23, but for the most part you are now on your own to get to the Arbaces entrance. Be very wary of any mobs on the CPK levels, as some can paralyze you and all of them deal a lot of damage. Puddles look like they are an item on the ground or a fountain to drink from, but be careful as they can paralyze you. Sirens are also a common para mob, and the Whip-Wielding Demon deals an insane amount of damage which will most likely kill you if you aren't careful.

The downs will remain the same inbetween reboots, so it is recommended to try to complete Arbaces before a reboot occurs. This way you can start to learn the route should you need to traverse it again more quickly. Once you learn the route, you can easily get to the Domain entrance in about 15-20 minutes.


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