Archon Skills

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Archon Skills Enhancements

 This page takes a look at the various group skill areas / skill sets available at the Archon level.

 The main categorical groups are loosely based on how either statistical bonuses and/or 
 types of proficiency sets are obtained/gained.
 The skills areas are organized into 4 main categorical groups with sub-groups: 

 In-game family related: [1984] Adoptions; [1981] Bloodlines

 Equipment related: Artifacts / Artificing; Equipment Based

 Proficiency Set Categories: Archon Set; Class Mark Sets; Religious Sets

 Other Resources:  Subject Titles; Make / Use; "Task Masters"

 Note:  The page was converted/ported from "Non-Practice based Archon enhancements via proficiency sets and statistical bonuses."
 This is the initial port/clean-up of a personal page, so some links are currently broken/in-accessible.                       

 Use "page search' feature of the browswer to jump to the appropriate category / subcategory listed!

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In-game family related

   GRANTS: Mark of Bloodlines
      * Permits using a small thank-you note indicting barron nexak's gratitude

Equipment related

Artifacts and Artificing

               Which items have relics : check item relics <item>
               Finding open bindings   : inventory search for bindings

               Cavhfail, Matrix Gauntlets / Focault's residence, Cymeneth / Irdra Isle / 
               Pirates Hideout / The Sacred Temple of theTentacle Cult of Metonychoseuthis / 
               Seelie Castle / Tellerium, Intermediate artificer / Unseelie Castle / Vir
               Getting to to artificers:  Rune Forest / Vospire

             You focus your powers of observation on a summoning stone:
             Item 'a summoning stone' is type treasure, alignment 0, made of stone (in (new) condition),
             has keywords 'summoning stone rock scatteredtothewind'.
             This item weighs 0 stones and 10 pebbles, and is valued at 10,000 gold. {Cat. 0}
             This level 1 item has no special attributes.
             *This item may be repaired 7 times.
             This can be artificed along with following items to create 'a functional summoning beacon'.
             - Item 'a summoning stone'
             - Item 'the lace gloves of the Vizier Mataan'
             - Item 'a summoned shiv'
             - Item 'a Summoner's Guild pin'
             - Item 'a summoning beacon'
             - Item 'a staff of summoning'
             The stone is some kind of glassy black rock, deeply engraved with 
             alchemical and other occult symbols.  A space in the markings indicates 
             that something is left out; perhaps a name?

                 check item relics <item> - shows what relics are placed in an item
                 check item lifespan <item> - shows the time remaining until an object
                 pick apart <relic> <object>
                 inventory search for bindings

Equipment Based Proficiencies & Bonuses

These are items that when held/worm alter a players affects/attributes/skills/spells/skillpower/bonuses.

                    This is part of the 'A Venomous Ankheg's Body Parts' set. 
                    * Item 'an ankheg's venomous thorax'
                    * Item 'an ankheg's venomous trochanter'
                    Grants knowledge of 'ulcerous growth' at 100% (Requires 2 items).
                    This is part of the 'A Frostfolk Mageknight's Garb' set.
                    * Item 'the chainmail coif of a frostfolk knight'
                    * Item 'the chainmail sleeves of a frostfolk knight'
                    Casts the level 120 spell, 'glacierskin' (Requires 2 items).
                    RU : the Medallion of Alyria - Grants access to the TRACK command
                    RU : the mask of Lord Bloodbane - Creates random fear effects when worn, 
                         affecting most everyone nearby
                    RU : the Stone of Alyeria - Grants user access to SHIFT command 
                    See [2427] list of donation items; [2428] list of quest items

                       inventory search for affects <name of spell>

                        check item affects <item> - shows affects that will be placed on the player upon equipping an item
                        check equipment missing - shows which equipment slots have nothing equipped
                        check equipment stats <obj> - shows the affects on the piece of equipment
                        check item info <item> - shows information about an item
                        check item set <item> - shows item set collection information

Proficiency set categories

Other resources:

Subject Titles

   Additional subject references to things related to this article, but not covered in this article. 
   (e.g. Equipment resources / archon tokens / practices/ questpoints / QM / Non-QM / Map search / Ship / Misc Commands )

Make / Use:

"Task Masters"

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