An Imp Of The Perverse

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Location: Winterborn Mansion.

Guide requires editing

Caution: At every corner of the path to the imp, there is a "CPK deathtrap" room which functions like regular deathtraps except if you die, your corpse will be moved to another room that's a pain to get to. But you will still lose all your items if you cannot trunk fast enough. Even then, it's not worth the risk stepping into these rooms because you can just get unlucky and not get enough time to trunk. The deathtrap's room name is Freefalling Towards The Gearworks. If at any time you lose track of where you are going with these directions, just look before you step into a new room and throw a ball of light in the direction, to be safe.

Directions to the imp:

From safe, go 3N, E, search for a hidden n then N, W, down through the wall into CPK and wait for teleport (it takes a while, doesn't teleport at the game tick like other teleport rooms).

Once you get teleported, go D, SE, 2W, 2N, NE 2D, SW, SE 8D, 2S, D, 2S, U to before the imp's corridor.

Directions to get out:

D, 2N, U, 2N, U, E, N, 2W, 2U, SE, 2E, 2U, W, NW, 2U, S, D
NE, 2U, S, W, NW, NE, 2U, SW, 2S, 2E, NW, D
W, 3D, S, 4U, SE, E, NE, N, 2U, 2W, U

An imp of the perverse encounter: (need revision and update with fighting strategy)

Imp will bolt a random person in the form, and cast stone curse on tank as well as web.
A moving item, pendulum will swing by east and west, hitting everyone in the room for nearly 3k.

The room north of this hallway is the aforementioned "CPK deathtrap" so DO NOT walk north from this place.

An imp of the perverse carries:

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