A Massive Iron Rooster

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Location: Winterborn Mansion
Levels: Up to 120
Boss Kill: Up to 120


Note: you'll need a friend with detect illusion to help you exit the area once you're done with the mark.

Watch out for NPK. From Winterborn Mansion recall, go 3N, 2U, N, 3E, 2U, 8W, S.

In the south tapestry gallery on the third floor, a dumbwaiter stops there. If its not there, push the button. It will show up as a CPK exit west. If it's not there and the button doesn't work, read last paragraph for instructions on how to move it. The dumbwaiter is restricted to level 120 and below, so while you aren't completely safe, at least heroes/archons cannot pursue you there. All rooms beyond the dumbwaiter are CPK as well.

Ride dumbwaiter by pushing up and then pushing down. This took me [Evalar] about a dozen tries until it finally broke, not sure if there is a better way to do this. Go east and follow vents until the end. ENTER VENT from here, this will take you to the rooster

Preparation Basic spell ups


Iron Rooster:

It's a fairly easy fight, low damage output but a decent amount of HP, will probably need 2 people, or a decent amount of hp/sp.

Two notes: The Iron Rooster's room has no visible exits (the only way out is enter ventilator), so it will be impossible to flee. Bring Calm if possible. On the plus side, the Rooster is non-aggro; take your time entering and re-entering combat.

Afterwards you will need someone to free you. Head back to the dumbwaiter (enter ventilator, follow path down). Then ask your friend to follow the instructions in the next paragraph.

To move the dumbwaiter (when it's stuck, or not present): You'll need detect illusion to enter the dumbwater service room. From recall, go 3N, 2U, N, W, N . Push the button until it 'pops outward' and go S, 3W (any rooms farther west are CPK; exercise caution). This room is NPK and if you have detect illusion active, there will be a door leading to a level-restricted CPK (levels 120 and below). Go south and 'pull pulley' to move/unjam the dumbwaiter. That will allow it to freely move up and down again.

Sometimes when life gets you down, all you really want to do is jump off a really tall building. If you're feeling lonely atop a great spire and would really like to leave, jump into the surrounding death traps.


Set autoloot on or be sure to be quick, since the massive iron rooster's corpse explodes.

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